Tuesday Tunes: Diamond Ditty #4 – “Babe Ruth!!! King of ‘Em All” by Murderer’s Row

6 05 2015

My 2nd post of Babe Ruth week here is of the “Tuesday Tunes: Diamond Ditties” variety – where I post about a song that has something to do with baseball!  This was a song I hadn’t heard about until I started doing some Google searches.

I decided to do this post on Wednesday, since today is a historic day in the history of baseball.  100 years ago today, the Bambino hit the first home run of his career.  Ruth was a 20-year old pitcher in his first full season with the Boston Red Sox.  The homer came off Jack Warhop – who of course pitched for the Yankees.  Ruth also pitched a complete game, but took a loss to Warhop, 4-3.

Jack Warhop

Artist/Title/Album: “Babe Ruth!!! King of ‘Em All” by Murderer’s Row (2009)

Description:  There isn’t an album for this – Murderer’s Row (as far as I understand it) is a collaborative effort by a few musicians who are all Yankee fans.  The idea to do a song was the brainchild of Tim Reid of the Committee to Commemorate Babe Ruth.  He wrote a song and reached out to Chris Risola, the former guitarist for the 90’s rock band Steelheart.  They wanted to put together a song honoring Ruth upon the 60th anniversary of his passing.  Chuck Howell is credited as the singer, Greg Ward is credited for the keyboard.  Linda Ruth Rosetti – Ruth’s granddaughter – sang background vocals on the song as well.  They named the effort Murderer’s Row after the 1920’s Yankees lineup.  The piano intro was from Peter De Rose, a Hall of Fame Composer who was friends with the Babe.

You can hear about the song (and a live version of it) at the 1:04 mark on this link from Baseball Digest radio.

How it’s related to baseball:  Obviously it’s a tribute to the Sultan of Swat!

2011 Gypsy Ruth

He could whack ’em and smack ’em and jack ’em!
Like no one before.
He lived big and swung big,
yeah he was king of ’em all.
Babe Ruth!!!  King of ’em all.

The link to the YouTube for this song is here:





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