Trade #6 with Night Owl

25 04 2015

I think this qualifies as my 6th swapping of cards with Greg of “Night Owl” fame.  That’s easily the most trades I’ve had with any other blogger.  I sent Greg some Dodger cards I’d found in my parents’ attic from my days of 1990’s collecting a little bit ago, and he mailed me some cards once he got through the dog days of March.  See March apparently is the worst month of the year if you are a Night Owl.  I was born in March, and so was my second son, so I have to disagree with Greg on that one.  February is the worst month in my opinion!  It’s cold, there isn’t baseball yet, but the only part of the football season I really like has just finished up.  And until I left my job as an auditor, I had to pull all-nighters at work for 5 of the past on February 27’s.

But now it’s April, which is a new day.  It’s much warmer (for the most part).  Baseball is back.  The Masters was just on.  I am a little busy at work, but the only times I don’t sleep through the night are when the 1-month old baby decides he doesn’t want to.  And I’ve got new cards from Night Owl to show off.

Greg sent me a few cards from the 2002 Topps set.  The 2002 Topps set – which I’ve opened, but not posted about yet!  Should be around mid-May, though.  Anyways, this is the set I’m shortest on.  Anyone who has some extras – let’s make a deal!

Trade - Night Owl 2002 Topps

He also sent me some 2014 Topps Heritage cards.  I’m very close to finishing up the regular part of the set.  The SP’s?  That’s another issue altogether.

Trade - Night Owl 2014 Topps Heritage

And he also sent some 2014 Topps inserts.  These are great to get – but, like the Heritage SP cards, there are quite a few left on the wantlist!

Trade - Night Owl 2014 Topps inserts

Last but not least – in fact, the best cards of this package – are 2 inserts from 1999 Topps.  These are the best to get in trades, just because anything that’s 15 years old is pretty hard to pick up without paying for it.

Trade - Night Owl 1999 Topps inserts

Thanks again for the cards, Greg!



2 responses

26 04 2015

Yes, March stinks, and one of the reasons is everybody’s birthday in the world is in March and who has time to shop for birthdays when it’s MARCH!

Anyway, glad you got the cards — I mailed them to your old address the first time. 🙂

26 04 2015

Lol. I’ll be moving again soon. Thanks again

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