Completed insert set – 2011 Allen & Ginter Hometown Heroes

23 04 2015

It’s nice to get to an insert set from Ginter completed.  Every year Ginter has one really common insert that comes more than every other pack.  Even though these are 100-card inserts, they are easier to finish than the base set, since that has 50 SPs.  In 2011 this set was Hometown Heroes.  I finished this set up almost a year ago – and am finally getting around to posting about it!

Info about the set:

Set description: “Featuring 100 MLB stars and their hometowns!”  The horizontally oriented set shows the player to one side with his last name and the name of his hometown.  A map with a flag in the player’s hometown is behind the picture on the other side of the card.  The back features a write-up of information about the player’s hometown.

Set composition: 100 cards, 3:4 odds

Hall of Famers: None – the set is all current players

Card that completed my set:  #HH-3 – Brian Wilson

2011 Ginter HH Brian Wilson

How I put the set together:

36 cards from 2 hobby boxes

44 cards via trade

7 cards from a card show

13 cards from Sportlots

Thoughts on the set:  As far as these 100-card Ginter sets go – this is as good as any.  It’s probably the best read of any insert set.  And the set is designed better than the base set – 2011 Ginter was the worst base set design in my opinion!

This was one of 2 cards I got from Sportlots in May.  Wilson is from Londonberry, NH, which was the home of the first potato grown on American soil.

Highest book value:  #HH-79 – Derek Jeter

2011 Allen Ginter HH Jeter

Jeter’s in the set, and he’s the most marketable as far as book value goes.  Jeter’s card talks about how he was an all-state basketball player, in addition to being the National Player of the Year in baseball.

Best card (my opinion):  #HH-54 – Joe Mauer

2011 Ginter HH Joe Mauer

In a set of Hometown Heroes – Joe Mauer is easily the first guy you think of as playing for his hometown team.  There are 3 others who’d qualify for that distinction – Neil Walker, Brian McCann and Jason Heyward.

My Favorite Reds card:  #HH-27 – Brandon Phillips

2011 Ginter HH Brandon Phillips

Phillips is actually the only Red in the 100-card set.

Other information:  Only two players in the set went to the same high school – Michael Young and Dan Haren.

2011 Ginter HH Young Haren

People named on the descriptions on the back include:

  • 6 MLB Hall of Famers (Tony Gwynn / Utley, Frank Robinson & Joe Morgan / Jimmy Rollins, Alexander Cartwright / Shane Victorino, Phil Rizzuto / Rick Porcello, Rod Carew / Manny Ramirez)
  • 5 academy award winners (Billy Bob Thornton on Cliff Lee’s card, Michelle Pfeiffer / CJ Wilson, John Wayne / Chase Utley, Hillary Swank / Alex Gordon, Steven Spielberg / Andrew Bailey)
  • 4 Grammy winners (Buddy Holly / Matt Kemp, Roy Acuff / Todd Helton, Don Henley & Norah Jones / Austin Jackson)
  • 2 NFL Hall of Famers (Don Hutson / Cliff Lee, Warren Sapp / Zach Greinke),
  • 2 US Presidents (Abe Lincoln / Jayson Werth, Thomas Jefferson / Justin Verlander)
  • a former MLB commissioner (Peter Ueberroth / Troy Tulowitzki)
  • a gold medalist (Babe Didrikson / Roy Halladay)
  • the Wizard of Menlo Park (Thomas Edison / Rick Porcello)

Here is a breakdown by state of the 100-card set:

  • 15 – California
  • 10 – Texas
  • 9 – Florida
  • 8 – Georgia
  • 4 – Tennessee, Washington, Virginia
  • 3 – Arizona, New Jersey, Oklahoma
  • 2 – Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland
  • 1 – Connecticut, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wisconsin, West Virginia



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