Completed set – one last look at 2012 Goodwin Champions

21 04 2015

I’ve now wrapped up 2 of the Goodwin Champion sets.  These are tough ones to finish; it took me 2+ years to finish up 2011 Goodwin Champions, and about the same amount of time to finish the 2012 set.  This isn’t the set for those of you who like SP cards in the base set – there are three tiers of SP cards.  The 2011 set took the old Goodwin design and put stars from all sports and historical figures on the set.  They did the same thing in 2012, but the design changed significantly.  Of the 4 sets that have been released since 2011, this is my least favorite design.  I just don’t like the black border.

I’m sort of done with the master set yet, but I still need to finish up the World Travelers box topper set from 2011.  This is a set that spans 2011 and 2012, so I don’t want to do the master set post until I get the full set of that done.

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Info about my set

How I put the set (base / SP / SSP / mini) together:

  • 149 (123/16/6/4) cards from my three hobby boxes
  • 43 (27/10/4/2) cards from Sportlots/Beckett/COMC
  • 26 (0/4/10/12) cards from eBay
  • 13 (0/10/0/3) cards from the National card show

Card that completed my set:  #6 – Carlton Fisk (completed via a November purchase from Beckett marketplace).

2012 Goodwin Champions Carlton Fisk

General Set Info

Set composition:  231 cards (150 base, 40 SP, 20 SSP, 21 mini-only)

There are 204 athletes

  • 59 Baseball (no active MLB, 21 minor league, 2 owners)
  • 32 American Football (12 active NFL)
  • 29 Basketball (8 active NBA, 1 WNBA)
  • 21 Golf (18 men, 3 women)
  • 18 Ice Hockey (2 women hockey players)
  • 10 Soccer (8 men, 2 men)
  • 5 Olympian (all summer – track & field)
  • 4 Lacrosse
  • 3 Horse Racing (3 jockeys)
  • 3 Boxing
  • 3 Surfing
  • 3 MMA
  • 3 Race Car Driving
  • 2 Professional Eaters
  • 1 Martial Arts
  • 1 Tennis
  • 1 Motocross
  • 1 Cycling
  • 1 Dog Sledding
  • 1 Wrestling
  • 1 Free Runner
  • 1 Chess
  • 1 Billiards

There are 27 non-athletes or “famous figures” in the set

  • 6 Outlaws/Lawman
  • 3 Actors
  • 3 Artists
  • 2 Political Figures (1 U.S. President & the Duchess of Cambridge)
  • 2 Military Figures
  • 2 Musicians
  • 1 Author
  • 1 Showman
  • 1 Inventor
  • 1 Astronaut
  • 5 “Other” (Native American, Explorer, Comic Book Writer, Video Game Player, Pilot)

Earliest active player from this set:  Baseball – #205 – Joe Start

2012 Goodwin Champions Joe Start

Hall of Famer Al Spalding was the winner of this distinction in the 2011 set for playing amateur baseball beginning in 1866.  He isn’t in the 2012 set, but there’s actually a guy in the 2012 set who started even earlier.  Joe Start played amateur baseball before the Civil War.  Start started his baseball career with the Enterprise of Brooklyn ballclub in 1860.  In 1862, he started playing for the famed Brooklyn Atlantics, the first dynasty in the National Association of Base Ball Players.   They surrendered their titles that year, but Start was on the team that ended the Cincinnati Red Stockings undefeated streak in 1871.  Start played in the big leagues until 1886, and I think the Hall of Fame should give him a good look.

Ross Barnes and Deacon White also played before the formation of the first professional league in 1871.  Barnes, who won the first National League batting title in 1876, played with the Rockford Forest Citys and was Spalding’s teammate there.

First Card and the Hundreds:  #1 – Bobby Orr, #100 – Tiger Woods, #200 – John Heisman

2012 Goodwin Champions first & 100s - Orr, Woods, Heisman

Highest book value: All of 20 the SSP’s are listed as higher than any other card in the set.

Most notable card:  #38 – Billy Hamilton, #222 – Billy Hamilton

Major League Blu Ray case

This has to be the only set in history with the two MLB players named Billy Hamilton.  Both guys were stolen base aficionados, yet they debuted 125 years apart!

Best card (my opinion):  #184 – Ned Williamson

2012 Goodwin Ned Williamson_0001

Babe Ruth – Roger Maris – Mark McGwire / Sammy Sosa – Barry Bonds.  All those guys held the single season home run record at one point (Sosa was tied with McGwire for a number of days after they had both hit 61).  But most people don’t know whose record Ruth broke.  That was Ned Williamson, who had hit 27 homers in 1884.  This is his only card after 1889.

For those of you wondering, Williamson nearly doubled the existing record of Harry Stovey, who had hit 14 the year before.  Stovey has a card in 2013 Goodwin Champions.

Second best card (also my opinion): #102 – Mike Tyson

2012 Goodwin Mike Tyson

Sweet card of Iron Mike.  This one beats out the card Hulk Hogan has – narrowly!

Best subset card: N/A

Favorite action photo: #84 – Greg Maddux

2012 Goodwin Greg Maddux

I bet he throws a wicked wiffle ball.

Favorite non-action photo: #102 – Mike Tyson (see above)

My Favorite Reds card: #29 – Johnny Bench

2012 Goodwin Johnny Bench

Bench beats out fellow Big Red Machine member Pete Rose.  Rose’s card might be the worst in the whole set!



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