Minding my collection

7 04 2015

I’ve been doing much better about trades in 2015 than I did last year.  I think this is my 8th trade this year, after only making 5 trades in all of 2014.  The most recent trade was with Greg of The Collective Mind.   Greg reached out interested in a few of my 2001 cards – the kick starter was the Royce Clayton gold card I pulled from 2001 Topps Traded.  Greg had a wide array of card wants that I was able to help with – from Panini Golden Age to Heritage to Upper Deck to flagship Topps.

Greg sent me 3 team bags’ worth of cards – so I got to knock off some serious stuff from my wantlists!  Here are the highlights.  First up were some base Topps cards.  Greg sent all but 1 of my 2014 Topps needs – so I’m down to just card #634 to finish the set!

Trade Collective Mind - 2014 Topps

He also sent a few 2002 Topps cards.  I still need a crap load from this set – but knocking 8 more off the list is a good start!

Trade Collective Mind - 2002 Topps

The last of the Topps base cards was 2001.  Greg sent me quite a few of these – and unlike 2002 Topps, I’m getting very close to finishing this set.

Trade Collective Mind - 2001 Topps

Greg also sent me a few Topps Heritage cards:

Trade Collective Mind - 2014 Heritage

And, last but not least – some 2014 Topps inserts.

Trade Collective Mind - 2014 Topps inserts

That’s whittling a lot of areas of my wantlist away!  Thanks for the trade, Greg!




One response

8 04 2015
Tony L.

That’s a great trade package!

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