2015 Topps series 1 – retail packs

6 04 2015

In addition to the HTA jumbo box, I also made a few retail purchases of Topps series 1.  First up – I bought a hanger pack.

2015 Topps s1 Hanger Pack

This comes with 72 cards.  Since I got the full base set with my HTA box – the inserts are the only new cards.

I got one parallel – and it was a good one.  Cliff Lee – pink version.  Numbered out of 50, and the odds were 1:74 out of these kind of packs.  Pretty good pull.

2015 Topps s1 Pink Cliff Lee

The inserts were a little less impressive, but just one dupe.  The first cards were from the retail-only set called 1st Home Run.  Cano and Piazza.  This is an interesting set – the pictures seem like they are from the right time period to be the player’s first homer.  The Piazza is before he had a mustache – which I think he came to spring training with in 1993.  Maybe it’s even in the right game!

2015 Topps s1 Hanger First Home Run

There’s one other retail-only insert here.  The Jackie Robinson insert can only be found at Target.  There’s a Babe Ruth insert that’s Wal-Mart only.  It sure sounds like 2011 Heritage all over again to me, but with a different design.  The Nomar card below was the only duplicate.

2015 Topps s1 Hanger inserts

I also bought 1 jumbo pack – 36 cards in all.  2 parallels in this one – a gold and another Cliff Lee, this kind of the holofoil variety.

2015 Topps s1 jumbo parallel Pomeranz Cliff Lee

I got 3 regular inserts – another 1st Home Run card.  The McCutchen one has silver foil while the 2 from the hanger pack were gold.  These differ based on the type of retail pack you buy. I hate when Topps does that!  The Rage Against the Machine is the only one of these that’s a duplicate

2015 Topps s1 jumbo inserts

Last and probably least – I did buy one loosey.  Just one insert here – but this Puig was one I needed.

2015 Topps s1 Archetype Puig




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