2015 Topps series 1 HTA Jumbo box – 3 Cincinnati Reds hits

4 04 2015

I usually go for the HTA jumbo box instead of a hobby box – because you get 3 “hits” per the HTA box.  I don’t specifically collect my hometown team – the Reds – because I’m just more of a set collector.  But I’m certainly happy when something like this happens – all 3 of my hits were Redlegs!

One of the 3 hits is always going to be a manufactured something or other.  For that I got a Future Star pin card of Reds’ lead-off man Billy Hamilton.  I hope Billy shows continuing improvement this year – he doesn’t have to be the greatest on base guy in the world to take advantage of his blazing speed.  This is a slightly more difficult pull – basically 1 in 4.5 boxes whereas the batter logo are less than every other box.

2015 Topps s1 Future Star pin Billy Hamilton

The jersey card I got was a cool one.  Johnny Cueto had a great season in 2014 – a year that would deserve the Cy Young Award in almost any other year.  Unfortunately, Clayton Kershaw exists, because if he didn’t – Johnny would have won the pitching triple crown.  There’s no shame in settling for 2nd, however.  This card honors his career high with 20 wins.

2015 Topps s1 Career High Relic Cueto

Next up is the autograph.  The good thing – this is an autograph.  Another good thing – it’s Jay Bruce of the Reds.  The great thing – it’s a Strata relic/auto, which means it’s numbered out of 25.  It comes 1:770 packs, so a great hit.  Bad thing – it’s a redemption, so I have to wait to actually see this guy in person.

2015 Topps s1 Strata redemption Jay Bruce

That the hits, ma’am.  A whole bunch of Redlegs!




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