2015 Topps series 1 – Call Your Shot

2 04 2015

2015 Topps s1 Call Your Shot promotion

I got 5 of the game cards for 2015 Topps series 1.  The game card is an interesting throwback to some of the old scratch-off promotions Topps has had in the past.  You get to decide between 3 scratch-off items – so you have to pick your poison, so to speak.  The first two options are for cards – one is an autograph, the second is an autographed relic.  If you scratch either of those, you enter the code into the website callyourshot.topps.com.  Then you find out if your code was a winner.  I did one of these options for 4 of those cards.

2015 Topps s1 Call Your Shot SORRY

Unfortunately – this was the result.  At least you get entered into a weekly drawing for some sort of prize.

If you choose to scratch the code from the “Entry” side on the right, you are entered 10 times into the First Prize/Grand Prize Drawing for Major League Baseball prize trips (as well as being entered once in that week’s Weekly Drawing).  I did that for one of those.

2015 Topps s1 Call Your Shot ENTRY




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