On Hiatus?

1 04 2015

I probably should be taking a hiatus.  My wife just had our second son, and there’s quite a bit more to do around the house.

But the title of this post is really just a weak attempt at an April Fool’s joke.  In reality, while I was in the hospital with my wife 10 days ago – I came back to a package of cards that will do anything but put me on baseball card leave.  This was a trade with Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards.  Tony started blogging early last year and won the very prestigious 2014 BIP award for rookie blogger!  His blog is always a good read with some very different takes on baseball cards, with a focus on the Milwaukee Brewers.

Tony also does a blog going through each card of the 1982 Topps set.  I’ve always wanted to do one of those blogs.  April Fool’s again!  That sounds like a lot of work!

As I mentioned, Tony and I swapped cards.  I sent Tony about 35 cards toward his Brewers team sets.  I was excited to be able to send a 1982 Topps sticker card of Ted Simmons – wasn’t sure that was ever something I’d be able to trade because it’s so random.  But team collector’s make sense for needing that kind of card!

Now this is no April Fool’s joke – Tony went above and beyond helping me with my wantlists!  Tony emailed me when he got my cards and said he’d send a few 2013 Topps inserts.  I thought “cool”, because those are always helpful so I don’t have to hit up COMC someday to complete those collections.  I figured I’d get a few cards to help me out, and sort of forgot about it while we were busy at the hospital adding a new member to the family.  I got back, and I had a whopping 56 inserts in the mail from Tony!  Almost all of them were needs!  That puts a huge dent in that way-too-long “Topps insert wantlist” at the top of my blog.

56 cards is too much to scan every single card – right?  April Fools again!  Tony had one of the best trade posts I’ve ever seen, so the least I can do is show each and every card he sent:

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Chasing History
Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Chasing History_0001

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Cut to the Chase

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Cut to the Chase_0001

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Making Mark

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Making Mark_0001

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps Making Mark_0002

The World Baseball Classic cards below finished off that insert set for me!

Trade Off Hiatus 2013 Topps WBC

A big chunk of these cards (maybe all of them) were from 2013 Topps series 2 – which was something I didn’t buy quite as much of.  I think I got a hobby box (as opposed to my regular HTA jumbo), and didn’t buy any retail packs.  So these were much-needed.  Thanks again for the trade Tony!



4 responses

1 04 2015
Tony L.

Glad you got the cards. I think most of those would be from Series 2 because, last year, I gave in to a childhood dream and plowed through a case of it because 2013 Series 2 cases were cheap. The upside to that is that I can send out 2013 Topps cards and inserts to anyone who needs them because I have TONS!

Great post — and thanks again for the trade.

1 04 2015

Thanks Tony!

2 04 2015
Adam Kaningher (@adamk0310)

Wow, that’s a nice stack of inserts!

10 01 2020
Completed insert set – 2013 Topps World Baseball Classic Stars | Lifetime Topps project

[…] This was one of 6 cards I got from a trade with Off Hiatus.  As I said, this was back in early 2015, the trade post is here. […]

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