2015 Topps Heritage – a couple of retail packs

5 03 2015

I said I wasn’t going to collect Heritage this year, and I fully intended not to.  But then I went to the card aisle at Target two days ago – looking for Topps flagship.  I found that, but surprisingly, I also found Heritage out on the shelves – 2 or 3 days earlier than it was supposed to be.  And I couldn’t help myself, so I bought a hanger pack, which had 35 cards.  And a 9-card retail pack.  Here are all 44 cards.

1st card: I got 1 SP card.  That was Giancarlo Stanton.  He used to call himself Mike Stanton, but changed to his given name because he didn’t want to be confused as the former guy who pitched for the Braves and Yankees.  Now he’s got the richest contract in sports history – so he can tell us to call him whatever he wants!

2015 Heritage Giancarlo Stanton

2nd card: That made me think of this guy – who is also changing what we call him to his given name.  Who knew that B.J. stood for Boss, Jr?  Certainly not me.  Future cards of Mr. Upton will call him “Melvin”.  His contract isn’t as rich as Mike/Giancarlo – and his production is even further off.

2015 Heritage BJ Upton

Cards #3-#7: It’s not that easy to tell from the scan, but these are parallel cards.  I couldn’t find odds on these, but they are calling them holofoil for the few people who are selling them on eBay.  They have a refractor effect, but they aren’t chrome cards.  Pretty nice, actually – I think Topps could just go with these and forget the 6 different chrome versions.  This is a 100-card partial parallel – just like all the Chrome cards.

2015 Heritage hanger pack Holofoil

Card #8: I got one of the News Flashbacks – this one was for the opening of the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.

2015 Heritage Flashbacks Metropolitan Opera House

Card #9: The other insert I got was Then & Now, with Adam Wainwright and Sandy Koufax.  You’d figure most of them would be Koufax and Kershaw, but this was for the league leader in shutouts.  Wainwright tied for the league lead with 3 last year; Koufax had 5 in 1966.

2015 Heritage Then & Now Koufax Wainwright

Cards #10-18: Here are the first few base cards.  2 All-Star Rookies in there, including the AL Rookie of the Year, a manager, and Melky in his new digs.

2015 Heritage hanger pack base cards

Cards #19-26: The next 8 cards show off 3 horizontal (landscape) cards.  I got both strikeout leaders – note how Cueto is the leader in the NL!

2015 Heritage hanger pack base cards_0001

Cards #27-35: These are the last 9 cards of the hanger pack.  2 more All-Star Rookies.  That Hosmer card has to be on the list of the most super-duper-up-close cards of all-time.  Night Owl did a post on that a little while ago.

2015 Heritage hanger pack base cards_0002

36th card: This is the retail loosey I bought.  Nice to get a card of Mr. Cub – though it’s hard not to see this and feel sad that he passed away.

2015 Heritage BB flashback Ernie Banks

Cards #37-44: A 5th All-Star Rookie.  I’m on fire!

2015 Heritage retail pack base cards

This was probably a mistake – I now feel the need to get a hobby box…




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6 03 2015

I bought a hobby box yesterday. My auto was Bill Wakefield! I’ll let you know if I get any doubles to send your way!

6 03 2015

You’re not guaranteed an auto – so that was a good pull!

7 03 2015

I don’t think I’m going in for a box (that money is set aside in the budget for 2015 Donruss next week) but I picked up a blaster at retail yesterday. I don’t dig the 1966 design as much as the ’65, but it’s a pretty cool looking product. Nothing too spectacular in my blaster, but I did pull a Goldschmidt Bazooka.

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