2001 Topps Traded & Rookies scans

28 02 2015

The 2001 Traded set was the second Topps Traded set sold exclusively in packs – and the first in 6 years.  It was also the largest Traded set to date, by far, at 265 cards.

Of course, the big dog in this set is the Albert Pujols rookie card.  I didn’t pull it in my box, so I’ve got to show a snagged picture of the ‘net.  I think I’ll end up buying this card on eBay at some point.

2001 Topps Traded Pujols

There are 14 different Hall of Famers in this set, but only with a regular card in the set.  Rickey Henderson signed as a free agent with San Diego in the 2001 offseason – his second stint with the Padres.  Additionally, there were 13 guys in the reprint portion of the set who have their plaques hung in Cooperstown (Henderson also has a card in that subset).  I’m still missing about 75 cards to this set – so I don’t have the Marichal, Winfield or Eckersley yet.

  • Rickey Henderson, Carlton Fisk, Juan Marichal, Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie Smith, Tom Seaver, Gary Carter, Greg Maddux, Dennis Eckersley, Joe Morgan, Roberto Alomar, Nolan Ryan

2001 Topps Traded HOFers

2001 Topps Traded HOFers_0001

This set is actually organized in a pattern – a novel idea for Topps!  The first 98 cards are “Traded Veterans” – players who switched teams in the 2001 offseason.  The Henderson card above is of course is from that portion of the set.  A number of these guys would have impact years for playoff contenders over the next few years, like the Diamondbacks or the 2001 & 2002 Giants.

2001 Topps Traded vets Dbacks Giants

2001 Topps Traded vets

There were also a few guys in this portion of the set who got their first call-up to the big leagues in 2001.

2001 Topps Traded young vets

Card #99 was a subset all by itself.  This card honored the Topps Rookie of the Year winners, Pujols and Ichiro.

2001 Topps Traded ROY Pujols Ichiro

The next portion of the set is shown in the HOF-ers section above.  This is the “Through the Years” reprint portion, which makes up cards #100-144.  Here are a few other notable Topps Traded reprint cards from this set.

2001 Topps Traded Through the Years

The next portion of the set are 6 manager cards.  I actually didn’t get any of these cards in my box, so I’ve got nothing to scan!  After the managers is the “Prospects” portion.  This is made up of minor league guys who wouldn’t be eligible to have a major league card in any Topps sets other than Bowman or Topps Traded.  A few pretty good future players here.  Some are still productive today.

2001 Topps Traded prospects

The last section is the rookie part of the set.  The Pujols rookie card is in this section, which lasts from cards #211-265.  Jose Reyes and Justin Morneau are the most notable two players, outside of Pujols, in this part of the set.

2001 Topps Traded rookies Morneau Reyes

There are a few other guys with good careers ahead of them.

2001 Topps Traded other rookies



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