2001 Topps Traded & Rookies Overview

22 02 2015

In 2001 the Topps Traded set became its own product.  It was officially named “Traded & Rookies”, and it came in packs instead of a factory set for only the second time (the other being 1995).  It’s really more like a series 3, not an update set.  At this point in the game, Topps had started putting guys in their new uniforms as early as series 2.  Because it’s not in the factory set any more, I’ll start covering the Traded (update) set with its own overview and then another post with scans from the set.

2001 Topps Traded pack Dunn Griffey

265 cards in the set – up from the 135 in the 2000 factory set.

  • Subsets: Rookie of the the Year (#99), Through the Years (#100-144), Managers (#145-150).  Through the years is part of the base set; it is basically 45 reprints of old Topps Traded cards.  The RoY subset has Pujols and Ichiro on the same card.
  • Set Design: The set design is the same as the base 2001 set.  The back of the cards have a “T” suffix.
  • Packs: Packs contained 10 cards, the same as series 1 and series 2.  There are 24 packs per box (12 less than s1/s2).  I think the MSRP was $3.00, way more than the flagship set; but it hasn’t been listed on the packs in quite a few years.  The packs had kind of an orange-gold tint to them.
  • Rookies: The base set had Ichiro – and the Traded set had Pujols.  There was some weirdness to the Ichiro & Pujols rookie cards this year.  Ichiro is in Topps flagship (series 2), but not Topps Chrome.  Pujols is in Topps Chrome, but not Topps flagship.  Except for Pujols, every other Topps Chrome card has an equivalent Topps card. In Topps Traded, the reverse is true.  Pujols has a Topps Traded card, which is his first Topps card and thus his rookie card.  Ichiro doesn’t have a single player Topps Traded card – but does have a Topps Chrome Traded card; I think Ichiro and Pujols were the only two times in any year that a Topps Chrome card has no equivalent Topps card.  Confusing?  Agreed.  Aside from that, Justin Morneau and Jose Reyes are big rookie card in this set, and Hank Blalock has one as well.
  • Hall of Fame: 14 in total.  There is only one Hall of Famer in the regular part of the set – that’s Rickey Henderson, who was in the set after signing with the Mariners in 2001.  The through the years subset has 13 additional Hall of Famers (and Rickey, too).  They are: Carlton Fisk, Juan Marichal, Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie Smith, Tom Seaver, Gary Carter, Greg Maddux, Dennis Eckersley, Joe Morgan, Roberto Alomar and Nolan Ryan.  Deion Sanders, a pro football HOF-er, is also in the set with his 1989 Topps Traded reprint.
  • Variations: No variatons.

2001 Topps Traded box

The update box features a picture of Ichiro following through, with some rays going outward in yellow, orange and red.  The Topps 50th logo is there, as well as an ad noting that there is “one relic card in every box”.

Parallel sets

There was 1 parallel set – Topps Gold, which Topps officially called 2001 Topps 50th Anniversary.  These cards were numbered out of 2001, just like series 1 and series 2.  These cards come 1:3, though I only got 6 in my box, which would be 1:4.

It’s also worth pointing out that this product came packaged along with Topps Chrome Traded.  Every pack had 2 Topps Chrome cards.  I don’t really think of these as parallel cards – they are more like a separate product.  The Topps Chrome cards did have “retrofractors”, which were refractors with cardboard backs.

Insert sets

There is one insert set – it’s a 20-card set called “Who Would have thought”.  This almost looks like it could be a subset; it’s got the same forest green border.  It shows players who were traded or signed free agent contracts throughout their career.

  • Who Would Have Thought – 20 cards (1:8)

Autographs & Memorabilia

As the box tells you – there is one relic per box.  But there are quite a few different types of autos and relics in this product.  The Rookie Relics and Traded Memorabilia have exactly the same design, so I’d hesitate to differentiate them other than the fact that the packs do so.

  • Team Topps Legends Autographs – 14 cards {out of 113 cards across all products} (1:361)
  • Golden Anniversary Autographs – 2 cards (1:626)
  • Traded Memorabilia – 33 cards (1:29)
  • Rookie Relics – 18 cards (1:91)
  • Dual Traded Memorabilia  – 4 cards (1:376)
  • Hall of Fame Bat Relic – 1 card (1:2,796)
  • Farewell Dual Relic – 1 card (1:4,693)


Every single Topps Traded card in history was inserted into the product; the odds were 1:35,981 according to packs.  I pulled one of these.  I don’t think the odds are possibly correct on the packs, however. That would be 1 in every 1,500 boxes.  Considering how many Topps Traded cards were in existence in 2001 – that just isn’t right.



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