2001 Topps inserts

15 02 2015

The inserts are next in the 2001 Topps round of posts.  The last post covered the reprints; today’s post covers all the rest.  As always, the insert odds reflect hobby packs unless otherwise noted.

There was only 1 insert set that was “continuous” (inserted in both series 1 and series 2).

Combos (20 cards, 1:12)

This set was back for its second year.  Unlike the 2001 cards – these Topps combos showcased paintings of a current player alongside retired greats of the game.  Sometimes, this worked out well, like the Big Red Machine card below.  Sometimes it didn’t, like putting Kevin Brown on a card with Koufax and Drysdale.

2001 Topps Combos Big Red Machine

Golden Anniversary (30 cards, 1:10 – series 1)

Golden Anniversary was a subset honoring the history of the game.  There were 5 10-card subsets in this insert set.

  • Golden Greats – 10 cards featuring classic photos that capture legendary Hall of Famers during the hey-day of their illustrious careers.
  • Gold Nuggets – 10 clubhouse catalysts whose consistent All-Star performances have destined them for the hallowed Hall of Fame.
  • Glistening Gold – 10 dominating diamond men currently rewriting the record books with unparalleled play.
  • Hidden Gold – 10 leading prospects soon to infuse a load of young talent and inspired energy into the game.
  • Going for Gold – 10 former Team USA players who were dedicated to bringing honor to America’s most beloved sport.

2001 Topps s1 Golden Anniversary

A Tradition Continues (30 cards, 1:17 – series 1)

This insert set came a couple per box in series 1, with a description of how current players were carrying on the game’s tradition.

2001 Topps s1 Tradition Continues

A Look Ahead (10 cards, 1:17 – series 1)

A smaller set with the same odds was “A Look Ahead”.  This was basically a set of future stars with a pretty cool blue design.

2001 Topps s1 A Look Ahead_0001

Noteworthy (50 cards, 1:8 – series 2)

The more common series 2 insert set is a 50-card set of current and retired players, with bullet points highlighting their career accomplishments on the back.

2001 Topps s2 Noteworthy

Before there was Topps (10 cards, 1:25 – series 2)

Before there was Topps – there was Cobb, Ruth & Gehrig.  In a year Topps looked back on its history, it created a set of 10 elite players who never got the chance to appear on a Topps Major League Baseball card.

2001 Topps s2 Before Topps Babe Ruth Cy Young

What Could Have Been (10 cards, 1:25 – series 2)

The same idea – elite players who never got the chance to appear on a Topps card.  Except this set features negro league stars who didn’t get the chance to play in MLB.

2001 Topps s2 What Could have been Gibson Paige



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