2001 Topps s2 – disaster box turned into a hit EXPRESS!

5 02 2015

As I mentioned in my last post – my first purchase of a Topps series 2 box was an utter disaster.  Out of 360 cards in the box, less than 100 were salvageable.  Most of the base cards stuck together and looked something like this:

2001 Topps s2 damaged cards

The Noteworthy insert cards all had the same issue – like this Frank Robinson below.

2001 Topps s2 damaged insert card

I was discouraged by this, and after opening the first 9 packs, I just decided to order a different box and hope for better results.  Some of it is just the nature of 2001 Topps – because my second series 2 box wasn’t very good either (though it wasn’t a complete mess like this box).

I opened that box first, and then put this one aside for a while.  I opened the rest of it a little later, and I’m glad I didn’t just throw it away :).  Other than the Noteworthy cards, all the inserts (and the big salvation below) were in fine shape.

2001 Topps s2 What could have been Pop Lloyd

So I knocked a few cards off my checklist.

2001 Topps s2 Before Topps Babe Ruth Cy Young

But the biggest pull was in the first pack after I pulled the box back out – sitting in the front of the top pack on the lower right stack!

2001 Topps s2 Nolan Ryan auto

A Nolan Ryan auto – this is definitely in the top 5 pulls I’ve ever had.  Right up there with a Hank Aaron auto from 2012 Topps, a Jeter auto from 2008 Upper Deck Heroes, and a Griffey buyback Auto from 1997 SP.  So good things did come out of this box, which initially was such a disappointment!



12 responses

5 02 2015

NICE hit. Good thing that card wasn’t damaged.

5 02 2015

Yeh for sure. It’s not just dumb luck though. All the inserts were fine except noteworthy. I think the green borders of the base card cause the problem

5 02 2015

Wow! Nice pull. I think I’m going to start sending out my 2001 in trade packages before they are unsalvageable. I’ve notice in the past that mine like to stick together as well.

6 02 2015
Nearly Mint

Congratulations. That’s one hell of a pull.

6 02 2015

Thanks Greg!

6 02 2015

That sir is the very definition of “it all evens out.”

6 02 2015

Good call NO. I actually feel like I’m getting too much on the other side with this one! My next box will probably have some real negative karma. Like one pack will give off a toxic fume that damages the Ryan I just pulled somehow!

6 02 2015

Awesome card. Glad you got something so cool out of such a disappointing box.

6 02 2015

thanks Matt!

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