2001 Topps Promo Sheets

23 01 2015

For what amounted to a one year hiatus, Topps didn’t issue the pre-production set that they had used, in essentially the same format, since 1991 to promote and preview their flagship design.  As opposed to standard size cards, Topps did issue 8 jumbo “cards” to dealers that Beckett refers to as “2001 Topps Press Release Jumbos”.  I use quotations around the “cards” because they are ENORMOUS.  They measure 9″ x 12″ – so I don’t really consider them cards.  They’re really sell sheets with giant pictures of some of the cards on the front.  Here’s an example of the back for the one that shows the design of the base card.  Mark McGwire is on the front.

2001 Topps promo McGwire back

They came in 3 card “packs” from what I can tell.  That’s some humongous packs!  The theme for 2001 Topps was capturing as much as possible with the Company’s 50th set.  Everything went after the Golden Anniversary.

2001 Topps promo jumbo pack

The 8 “cards” used for these sell sheets are listed below.

  • Title Card
  • Checklist
  • Mark McGwire – Base
  • Mike Schmidt – Golden Greats
  • Bob Gibson / Pedro Martinez – Combos
  • Hank Aaron – Through the Years
  • Nolan Ryan – King of Kings Relic
  • Johnny Bench – Golden Anniversary Autograph

The Hank Aaron card promotes the Through the Years and Originals insert sets, with Aaron’s 1954 rookie card shown on the front.  Topps actually used his 1965 card in the Through the Years set.  Also, the Bench card isn’t a real autograph and the Ryan card doesn’t have a real relic 🙂



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