2014 Card of the Year!!!

31 12 2014

2014 Stadium Club Ortiz

My choice for card of the year is from the set I dubbed as my product of the year.  I already discussed why I think Topps bringing back Stadium Club was a great thing.  This card highlights the things I think are great about the product.  A cool picture with a story behind it.

The Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, and when you win one of the major sports titles, your team gets a day at the White House.  And it usually means the President gets a custom-made jersey of that team.  When the Red Sox went to visit Pennsylvania Avenue this year, David Ortiz presented the jersey to President Obama.  When he did, he whipped out his cell phone and took a selfie with the POTUS.  There was some controversy whether or not the event was spontaneous; Ortiz has a promotional contract with Samsung.  Regardless, it was a moment where a long-standing tradition (DC visit for sports champs) met with a new fad (the selfie).

Ortiz is my 4th winner of card of the year.  Here were the last few .

2013: Topps Heritage Real One Autograph – Stan Musial

2013 Heritage Real One Musial

2012: Gypsy Queen Autograph – Ken Griffey, Jr.

Griffey Jr Gypsy

2011: Topps – Jay Bruce

11T Bruce



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