2000 Topps ’90 Reds Cards

8 11 2014

The number of players from the 1990 World Series team went down to 3 in the 2000 Topps set after being 5 in 1998 and 1999.

There were 2 players gone after having a card in the 1999 set:

  • Hal Morris was back in Cincinnati as a pinch-hitting platoon player in 1999, but he didn’t get a Topps card in 2000.  He actually didn’t have a card from any of the major manufacturers that year, which kind of surprises me since he did play for the Reds and Tigers in 2000.  Regardless, 1999 Topps was his last card in the flagship set.
  • Jeff Reed had a card in the 1999 set, but not in 2000.  He actually would come back in next year’s 2001 set, which is surprising for the opposite reason as Morris – he played his last game in 2000 for the Cubs.

Joe Oliver was still gone, but like Reed would come back in 2001 Topps.

2000 – Barry Larkin, Paul O’Neill, Eric Davis

2000 Topps 90 Reds

There were no subset cards in the base set.  Each player has an MVP promotion parallel card and parallels from the HTA and Limited factory sets.  Paul O’Neill has a combo card called “Torre’s Terrors” alongside Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Tino Martinez (which also has a Limited parallel).  Larkin also got an insert on the NL All-Topps team.

2000 Topps Combos Torre Terros

2000 All-Topps Larkin




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