2000 Topps inserts

2 11 2014

The inserts are next in the 2000 Topps round of posts for me.  The last post covered the Hank Aaron inserts; today’s post covers all the rest.  As always, the insert odds reflect hobby packs unless otherwise noted.

Unlike last year, there were a couple of inserts that were “continuous”; meaning they were inserted in both series 1 and series 2.

All-Topps Team (20 cards, 1:12)

The All-Topps Team cards have a feel similar to the Hall of Fame set from 1998 – with a gray/silver arched photo on the front.  But these cards feature current players, one player for each position (except there are 4 outfielders).  Topps compares them to historical greats on the back, though it’s kind of weird that the current player’s statistics are only through 1998.

2000 Topps All Topps Team NL inserts s1 box

Own the Game (30 cards, 1:12)

Own the game is an insert set with Topps’ typical shininess on the front with various statistical facts on the back.  There are 2 subsets to this set.  The first 21 cards are “Stat Stars”, with specific active rankings in a certain statistical category.  The next 9 cards are “Titans of the Game”, which discuss the players’ achievements on the back.

2000 Topps Own the Game inserts s1 box

The rest of the inserts were not “continuous” – meaning they were only inserted in one of the 2 series.

Power Players (20 cards, 1:8 series 1)

“Power Players” was the more common insert in series 1; this focuses on 20 hitters’ power stats, which was appropriate for the time period these cards came out (the height of the steroid era).  Topps brought this insert set back in 2014 – as a parallel and as an insert set in Update.

2000 Topps Power Players inserts s1 box

Perennial All-Stars (10 cards, 1:18 – series 1)

More shiny fronts, these are just what it sounds – guys who seem to make the all-star game every year.

2000 Topps Perennial All Stars inserts s1 box

21st Century Topps (10 cards, 1:18 – series 1)

And even more shiny fronts, these are Topps prediction for who will be the best players of the next century.  There are no pitchers in this set.

2000 Topps 21st Century inserts s1 box

Hands of Gold (7 cards, 1:18 – series 1)

This is the 3rd set from series 1 that came 2 per box – but it’s my favorite.  Featuring a glove as the background with an embossed card and a die-cut design, this card honors the best fielders.  There is actually a specific criteria to it – any players with 5 Gold Gloves.  Aside from the two guys below, that’s Pudge Rodriguez, Tony Gwynn, Ken Griffey Jr., Roberto Alomar and Greg Maddux.

2000 Topps Hands of Gold inserts s1 box

Topps Combos (10 cards, 1:18 – series 2)

This set showcases player groupings unified by a common theme.  It’s kind of reminiscent of some older multi-player Topps subsets.  These cards are beautifully done paintings as opposed to actual photos.

2000 Topps Combos s2 box

Active Topps All-Star Rookies (10 cards, 1:36 – series 2)

This set was tougher to pull, and it has the shiny fronts like so many series 1 inserts.  But this is one of the cooler sets in this product – Topps picked the best active All-Rookie players, one at each position just like they pick each year.

2000 Topps All Star Rookie Team s2 box

Limited Edition inserts – 141 cards (in Limited Edition factory set: Hank Aaron Reprints, Mark McGwire Rookie Reprint, Power Players, 21st Century Topps, Perennial All-Stars, Hands of Gold, All-Topps Team, Own the Game, Combos, Active Topps All-Star Rookie Team)

The Limited Edition factory set has 619 total cards (478 base cards and 141 inserts), all with the Limited Edition stamp on them.  The packaging doesn’t have the players on it.  It’s reminiscent of the Tiffany sets.



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