2000 Topps parallel sets

29 10 2014

In 2000 Topps actually had a few parallel sets, but only one could be pulled from packs.  It was a really rare one – only 100 copies of each.  There was also a few parallels from the factory sets.

MVP Promotion – 400 cards (1:510 s1, 1:378 s2 – hobby only)

2000 Topps MVP parallel s2 box Castilla

Inserted at a very limited rate, and only into hobby packs, were cards with a Topps MVP stamp.  If the player depicted won MVP of the week in 1999 (as selected by Topps), you could send that card in for a set of cards honoring each of the 25 winners.  This isn’t a full parallel – it consisted of cards that aren’t subsets and Hank Aaron isn’t included since he was retired (though Nolan Ryan was included in the MVP promotion in 1999 – with no chance to win).  That’s cards #1-6, 8-43 & 45-201 in series 1, and cards #241-440 in series 2.  The backs of the cards have information on the promotion (no statistics).

20th Century Best Sequential – 14 cards (1:839 s1, 1:362 s2 – #/117-3,316)

2000 Topps Sequential Rickey

The other inserted partial parallel is gold foil versions of the 20th Century Best cards that are in the base set.  These cards are numbered to the statistic that’s presented (i.e. – Lance Johnson’s 117 triples or Roger Clemens 3,316 strikeouts).

Topps Home Team Advantage and Limited Factory sets

Additionally, there are 2 types of full parallels from the factory set.  Limited Edition factory sets were made in the idea of the old Tiffany sets, with only 4,000 sets produced.  The only difference for these cards is that they are stamped with the words “Limited Edition” in the bottom right.

2000 Topps Factory set Limited Edition

2000 Topps Limited Bonds

Hobby factory sets have something similar – they are stamped with a “Home Team Advantage” logo.  The full-bleed subsets in the HTA factory sets didn’t have the logo stamp, so those 28 cards aren’t any different.

2000 Topps Factory set HTA

2000 Topps HTA Castilla



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