2000 Topps scans

25 10 2014

The 2000 Topps design went with a silver border – the third year in a row there wasn’t a white border.

First off is the tribute card in 2000.  After Aaron had one in 1994, Topps did a tribute to Ruth, Mantle, Robinson, Clemente, and Ryan from 1995-99.  Topps went back to Hank Aaron with card #44 in 2000.  I don’t think there was a specific reason to honor Aaron this year – he was just next in line to have a run of his Topps cards reprinted.

2000 Topps Hank Aaron

I love the photo for this card!  Pure awesome.  Topps continued a theme of having a current player paired with the other player they honored on their packaging.  They picked comparisons that make sense.  In 1997 it was the two greatest Giants – Barry Bonds teamed up with his Godfather, Willie Mays.  In 1998 it was Puerto Rico’s own Juan Gonzalez paired with a former Puerto Rican legend, Roberto Clemente.  In 1999, it was Roger Clemens, who was the active strikeout leader, with Nolan Ryan, the all-time leader.  In 2000, it was Mark McGwire, the single season HR king with Aaron, the career HR king.

2000 Topps McGwire

McGwire got card #1 in the set.  For the 2nd straight year, Tom Glavine got the first card in series 2.  I’m showing him here with a standard trifecta I do – the 3 Braves pitchers next to each other.  Gotta love Maddux with the bunt stance!

2000 Topps Maddux Glavine Smoltz

Two more cards I show every time are Griffey and Rickey – two of my favorite three players.  Junior’s card is again one of the best cards in the set.  He got card #400 – his first ever card with the Reds.

2000 Topps Griffey & Rickey

On that note, I’ll also start doing the trifecta of great shortstops from this era.  Amazing how their careers turned out since these cards came out.

2000 Topps Jeter ARod Nomar

And then there’s another good trifecta – Boggs and Gwynn had just knocked down the 3,000 hit door, while Ripken ended the season 8 hits away.

2000 Topps Boggs Gwynn Ripken

Here’s the 2 all-time saves leaders, which seems like another good side-by-side.

2000 Topps Rivera Hoffman

The cards below are of my favorite pictures from the set.  The top 3 cards are phenomenal to me – I can’t decide which is my favorite from the set.  Bichette backing up against the Wrigley Ivy?  Klesko pulling a ball deep down the line in a well-cropped shot?  Or Larkin following up on the double play (probably after Bonds was walked) with the MLB logo in the back.

2000 Topps best pictures

I love the record breaker / highlight subsets throughout the run of Topps sets.  I like the record breakers the best – how else would I know that Jim DeShaies struck out the most hitters to start a game?  But the Highlights isn’t bad.  I just wish they were differentiated more from the base set like they were in the 80’s & early 90’s.  The set honored Cone’s perfect game, a no-hitter by Jimenez, Singleton and Helton hitting for the cycle, Tatis hitting 2 grand slams in the same inning, McGwire hitting his 500th homer, Ripken hitting his 400th, Boggs and Gwynn reaching their 3,000th hits, and Orosco breaking Dennis Eckersley’s record for pitching appearances.

2000 Topps Highlights

2000 Topps Highlights_0001

There are again prospect and draft pick cards.  Lance Berkman, CC Sabathia and Alphonso Soriano are notable prospects, and I love the card of guys with baseball dads.  Draft picks include Josh Hamilton and of course the Ben Sheets / Barry Zito card that is the best rookie card from the set.

2000 Topps Prospects & Draft Picks_0001

Moving from multi-player cards, here are some of the very young up-and-comers.  At the time this came out – these players had, at the most, one good season under their belt.  The Casey and Tejada cards are two of my favorites from this set.

2000 Topps Soon to be Stars

There are also a good crop of young stars who had 2 or 3 good seasons under their belt.

2000 Topps Young Stars

Next up, are the best of the best.  These are the guys who are baseball’s best at this point in time.  Chipper Jones who won the 1999 NL MVP.  Pudge Rodriguez, who won the 1999 AL MVP.  And then there’s Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez – who probably should have been the MVP’s that year.

2000 Topps best players

2000 Topps best players_0001

Around the late 90’s, Topps was first starting to get players who had switched teams into series 2 (as opposed to Traded) in their new uniforms.  Here’s the 3 guys that stood out the most as having new threads.

2000 Topps new uniforms

There’s also a few guys that fall into the category of “huh, he played for that team?”

2000 Topps teams you forget

Last up, here’s also some guys who were nearing the later stages of their careers.  Clemens probably should be up in one of those earlier scans, but honestly after a 14-10 season in 1999, people were probably thinking he might be close to done.

2000 Topps older players



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