2000 Topps series 2 hobby box break

21 10 2014

2000 Topps s2 hobby box

As with series 1, I got a hobby box for 2000 Topps series 2.  I purchased this box online from the Baseball Card Exchange for 25 bucks just under 2 years ago (January 2013).  I guess that’s how long ago I planned this out, but I hope to lessen the amount of time it’s taking me to move forward with this Topps project over the next year.

I got the full set in this box.  For me – that’s the most important thing!  I also hope to get good inserts since I’m collecting the inserts – but the set itself is the primary goal for this blog!

Just like any mid-late 90’s years – is anyone collecting the 2000 set?  I CAN HELP!!!!!!  And if you’ve got any inserts for trade – check out my wantlist at the top of this blog!

Here’s a look at what I got.  I got the standard oversize card that comes as a box topper here.  For this series, I got my favorite player of all time – Griffey Jr.  And showcased in his first Topps card with my favorite team, so I was pretty excited about that after getting Jeter in series 1.  This is a great card.

2000 Topps Oversize s2 box Griffey

I got all 5 variations.  Griffey’s card, though not with the Redlegs, stands out as particularly awesome in this group.

2000 Topps Magic Moments s2 box

For inserts, I did much better with the Hank Aaron reprints than the first box.  I got 3 of the regular inserts, which is beating the odds and 1 more than I pulled in series 1.

2000 Topps Aaron reprints s2 box

And I got a Chrome insert, which isn’t guaranteed as the odds are basically 1 in 2 boxes.

2000 Topps Aaron Chrome s2 box

I didn’t get any autographs or the numbered “Century Best” cards – but I did get a very tough pull.  Vinny Castilla MVP promotion parallel.  This is 1:382 packs – super hard to get, not worth all that much these days!  It’s not even a winner, so I can’t bitch about Topps not accepting their 15 year-old contest redemption!

2000 Topps MVP parallel s2 box Castilla

I got 3 Own the Game cards – 2 of Pedro Martinez.  Like the All-Matrix cards from a year ago, there are different subsets within this insert set.  Stat Stars and Titans of the Game – but I haven’t done enough research to know if that’s it or not.  I will in the near future.  I do know that 3 per box is the expected odds here.

2000 Topps Own the Game s2 box

Like “Own The Game”, the All-Topps team is an insert set featured across both series.  Series 2 has the AL All-Topps Team.  If you haven’t noticed – I’m getting Jeter cards left and right in my 2000 Topps packs!  Appropriate since I waited until right after his career was done to open these boxes!

2000 Topps All Topps Team AL s2 box

I got one Topps All-Star Rookie team card.  These are pretty cool, though it would be much better if they featured these guys on the team they played for in the rookie year.  Or do a then and now type thing.  Canseco isn’t the best pull, but I still like the idea of this set.

2000 Topps All Star Rookie Team s2 box

Finally, here’s my Topps Combo card.  I was hoping for the Pedro / Big Unit card, but the Indians card is an interesting pull.  Lofton looks really bored in this picture, and Alomar looks like he’s wary of Man-Ram over there.

2000 Topps Combos s2 box

Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 11 cards per pack +1 jumbo = 397 cards

123 doubles

21 triples

239 of the 239 card set. (100% set completion)

1 Topps MVP Promotion

3 Aaron Reprints

1 Aaron Chrome

3 Own the Game

3 All-Topps Team

1 Topps Combos

1 Topps All-Star Rookie Team

1 Oversize

Including the first box:

473 / 478 of the base cards (99%)



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