2000 Topps series 1 hobby box break

19 10 2014

2000 Topps s1 hobby box

I stuck with buying hobby boxes to work on my collection for 2000 Topps.  There aren’t any retail or hobby-specific inserts, so hobby seemed just as good.  I could have gone for the HTA jumbo boxes, which offer the chance to pull the autographed stadium relics – but those were more expensive than I thought they were worth.

I bought this in early 2013, and didn’t get around to opening it until now (series 2 was even worse – I bought that in late 2012)!

The box collation was good, but not perfect – I got all but 5 cards in the series.  That gave me just under 150 doubles and triples, so while getting 97% of the series is good, I wish a few doubles could have been swapped to get me to finish the series.  I wonder when it will start getting to perfect collation – which is what I know you get at some point.

2000 Topps Magic Moments variations s1 box

For the oversized box topper, I got the recently retired Derek Jeter.  Quite appropriate.

2000 Topps Oversize s1 box Jeter

Now on to the regular-size inserts.

Hank Aaron followed Mantle (’96), Mays (’97) Clemente (’98) and Ryan (’99) as the “throwback” inserts in 2000.  Both series 1 and 2 and include reprints and Chrome reprints.  Odd numbers in series 1 and even numbers in series 2.  It was Finest (instead of Chrome) in previous years, though I don’t think I can tell the difference.  I got card #1 and #13 – his rookie card and 1964 Topps.  I didn’t pull a Chrome insert – they come 1 every 2 boxes.

2000 Topps Aaron reprints s1 box

There is also a McGwire reprint – but only of his rookie card, not his full run of Topps cards.  You get one of those per box.

2000 Topps McGwire reprint s1 box

The most common insert set is called Power Players.  This has the typical shininess that Topps was employing at that time.  On the back are various “power” statistics – OBP, SLG, 2B, HR, HR/AB and 2B/AB.

2000 Topps Power Players inserts s1 box

There are 3 cards per box of a not-so-shiny insert.  This is the All Topps Team.  Basically this is a team Topps selected as the best active players.  It’s kind of like the Hall of Fame insert from the year before in terms of design.

2000 Topps All Topps Team NL inserts s1 box

I got 2 Hands of Gold inserts – which was a 7-card insert.  Unlike the Power Players insert – this was for the best fielders, and it had some pretty cool effects – embossed and die cut.

2000 Topps Hands of Gold inserts s1 box

There rest of the inserts came 2 per box for me, though the Own the Game inserts were supposed to be 3 per box.  All of them are shiny.  I’ll have another post later that gets into more detail on all of the inserts.

2000 Topps Own the Game inserts s1 box

Perennial All-Stars.  The thing about these shiny inserts – they actually look better in the scans than when you’re holding them because of the way the light hits them.

2000 Topps Perennial All Stars inserts s1 box

21st Century Topps – again, very cool with the way the scan happens.

2000 Topps 21st Century inserts s1 box

I didn’t pull any of the MVP promotion parallel cards – these are very tough pulls.  But we’ll have to see what happens with the series 2 box in my next post!


Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 11 cards per pack + 1 jumbo = 397 cards

137 doubles and 7 triples

234 of the 239 card series. (95% set completion)

2 Aaron Reprints

1 McGwire Reprint

4 Power Players

3 All-Topps Team

2 Hands of Gold

2 Own the Game

2 Perennial All-Stars

2 21st Century Topps

1 Oversize



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