Back to the Basics!

13 10 2014

So I’ve caught up with almost all of my completed set posts – which took quite a while!  I can’t believe it, but the last time I did a post for the Lifetime Topps project was December of last year.  Part of that was, like every year, the fact hat I was collecting some retro sets.  But more of it was that I took something of a hiatus this summer and am just now getting back into the swing of things.

Well, all of that stops with my next post – I plan to pretty much only do Topps posts for the foreseeable future, with the occasional completed set and “Saturday Suds” posts thrown in the mix.  But I won’t do anything other than Topps sets for a while.

So 2000 Topps is up next.  If I’m really disciplined, I’ll just go on to do all my Topps posts all the way to 2009 to get there on my project.  I kind of doubt it, because it would be hard for me to ignore Heritage next year, but at the very least, that will be my focus going forward.

Next post will kick off 2000 Topps!



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