Completed insert set – 2012 Topps Archives Reprints

15 09 2014

I’m doing pretty well with the 2012 Topps Archives insert sets.  It’s not one of my favorite insert sets, but I finished the Reprints set 2 years after Archives was released.

Info about the set:

Set description:  “50 different cards featuring Hall of Famers on classic Topps Reprints.”

OK, reprints are cool, but when Archives came out, Topps had done “Cards Your Mom Threw Out” the year before’s bast Topps set and “60 years of Topps” in 2012 series 1 and 2.  So this just didn’t make sense.  Another redo of an oddball set would have been better.

Set composition:  50 cards, 1:4

Hall of Famers: 34 – Yogi Berra, Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Monte Irvin, Ralph Kiner, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Duke Snider, Harmon Killebrew, Sparky Anderson, Brooks Robinson, Cal Yastrzemski, Willie McCovey, Whitey Ford, Juan Marichal, Joe Morgan, Fergie Jenkins, Rod Carew, Catfish Hunter, Jim Palmer, Reggie Jackson, Johnny Bench, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Robin Yount, George Brett, Gary Carter, Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Eddie Murray, Willie Stargell, Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn

How I put the set together:

  • 12 cards from two hobby boxes
  • 2 card from retail packs
  • 4 cards from trades
  • 8 cards from an eBay lot
  • 3 cards from a card show
  • 21 cards from online purchases

Thoughts on the set:  I’m glad they didn’t continue doing this in 2013 and going forward.  Reprinting old cards is far from a unique idea.

Card that completed my set:  1976 George Brett

I picked up Brett from COMC in July.

Highest book value:  1984 Cal Ripken

Best card (my opinion):  1959 George Anderson

If you’re going to do a reprint set – at least it should be an interesting one like a card from Sparky’s playing days.  The 85 Tony Gwynn is up there as well – again, because it’s not an obvious classic, but a solid card that may have been one of the best in the set.

My Favorite Reds card:  The 1973 Joe Morgan is the best one to me.  It beats out the ’69 Bench and the ’81 Seaver.

2012 Archives Reprints

2012 Archives Reprints_0001

2012 Archives Reprints_0002

2012 Archives Reprints_0003

2012 Archives Reprints_0004

2012 Archives Reprints_0006




6 responses

15 09 2014

I agree–it was disappointing that Topps did this reprint set, and I was glad they didn’t continue it in 2013 or 2014. One cool thing about the CYMTO insert set was the story on the back regarding each card, just as was the case with the 60 Years of Topps insert sets. I never had any interest in the “original back” versions of those, and this was more of the same. For many or most of these, it’s a case of “been there, done that”, either because of the CYMTO or 60YOT sets, or else going back a little further, the early 2000s Topps Archives sets.

15 09 2014

Agreed. There is one set that I have interest in getting the original backs – the “lost cards” that were actually “what if” cards as opposed to reprints.

15 09 2014

Ah, that’s right. I forgot about that one. And like you are interested in doing, that is the only one I actually did buy the original backs for; but I got the “what if” backs too, so each one looks to be in my collection twice, but then you flip them over and see they are different.

Another good one was the Brooklyn Dodgers Archives set, which had a mix if reprints and “cards that never were”. It was a good way to fill in at least the Billy Loes hole in the 1952 Topps reprint set that came out in 1983 and didn’t (IIRC) include Loes and a couple others (Dom DiMaggio among them, maybe?).

And Topps later did a Dem Bums insert set that included a few more “cards that never were”, again IIRC.

I’d love to see more cards like those.

16 09 2014
Jeff L

Thanks for posting pictures of the entire insert set. I managed to snag a few marked down boxes this past year of the 2012 Archive that I haven’t completed opening yet. I was debating about whether or not to work on this insert set. Now that I’ve seen the entire set I’m leaning towards yes. I’ll agree with everyone else it’s too bad that this came out around the same time that the Topps Flagship went overboard with the prior years reprints. Last comment – imagine a Topps reprint set without 1 Mantle card!!! Who would have thought it was possible!

18 09 2014
Adam Kaningher

No 1954? For shame, Topps!

18 09 2014

Ha! Good point. I didn’t notice they skipped it at first.

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