Redemption back – Goodwin Museum Collection World War I Relic

1 09 2014

Happy Labor Day!

A month ago, if you remember, I punched in my redemption code for the card I pulled in the 3rd box of Goodwin Champions a month ago.  I was pretty excited to see this one – there wasn’t a way to tell what I was going to get.  The Museum Collection for this year’s Goodwin has a World War I theme, after World War II, the Civil War, and being generic in the 3 previous years.  Here’s what I got.

2014 Goodwin Museum Collection US Medical Corps Collar Disc

It’s a Collar Disc that was handed out to Army personnel.  Kind of neat.  There’s further description on the back.

2014 Goodwin Museum Collection back

I think this was a 1:4 redemption – so not to crazy, but not the most common one either.  I haven’t seen one of these on eBay – but I’m glad I got one that was a full piece as opposed to a cut up portion of a uniform.

The “card” is big!  It’s 5 x 7, and it’s got to be about an inch thick.  A cool thing to keep in the collection for now – I’m not sure if I’ll keep it forever, but we’ll see.




6 responses

4 10 2014

Nice relic! I received one too, an imperial russian hat cockade with red and black colors! Would you be interested in a possible trade?

4 10 2014

Good pull on your end – I’m hold on to mine for now…

4 08 2015
2015 Goodwin Champions box break #1 | Lifetime Topps project

[…] was the outer space relic, 2011 it was the Abe Lincoln Masterpiece painting.  Last year I got a World War I relic – but I’ve held on to that so far.  I’ll go over what’s available in the […]

3 10 2016

Hi, would you be interested in selling this relic? Please let me know, thanks.

4 10 2016

I’m going to hold onto it at the moment. Thanks!

4 11 2017

Hi, do you have any interest in selling this relic? Please let me know, thanks.

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