Completed insert set – 2012 Goodwin Military Machines

25 08 2014

This is the only “standard” insert set in 2012 Goodwin Champions.  Unfortunately, Upper Deck didn’t make an insert set that was actually about sports.  But this one is pretty neat in the vein of world history themes that they usually put out for Goodwin.

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Info about the set

Set description:  Insert cards of various vehicles from across military history – including submarines, tanks and airplanes.  The horizontal cards have a border on the top and bottom but are full-bleed on the sides.  The backs of the cards have a write-up on the vehicle and various “statistical” information.  The statistics include size, country, type, first commission and accomplishments.  The set features both specific ships (i.e., the USS Arizona) and generic vehicle types (i.e., DUKW’s)

Set composition:  25 cards, 1:10 odds (2012 Goodwin Champions).

Hall of Famers:  I guess you could argue these are all in the (mythical) military history HOF.

How I put the set together:

  • 6 cards from 3 hobby boxes
  • 9 cards from eBay
  • 10 cards from Sportlots/COMC

Card that completed my set:  #MM-5 – DUKW’s

2012 Goodwin Military DUKW

I got this card from Sportlots back in May.  I’d been one card short on this set for quite a while.

Thoughts on the set:  An interesting set, though I would like it better if it was one of 2 insert sets in the product and the other was sports-themed.  It’s a good read through once you’ve completed the full set.

Best card (my opinion):  #MM-8 – USS Arizona

2012 Goodwin Military USS Arizona

This is my favorite because I’ve been to the memorial on Honolulu there.  The Arizona was the only ship sunk that wasn’t salvageable at Pearl Harbor.

Any other tidbits:  There is only one ship that’s in both this set and the 2011 Allen & Ginter Floating Fortresses set.  I figured there would be more than that, but this set is only US (or Confederate) military.  The Ginter set is geared more toward older ships from many countries.  Regardless, I’m always glad when I can do at least one side by side comparison!

USS Monitor Goodwin Military & Ginter Fortresses

Here’s a breakout of conflicts represented by cards in this set (I only included the first conflict):

Civil War:  USS Monitor, CSS Virginia

Spanish-American War: USS Maine

World War I: USS Arizona (also participated in WWII)

World War II:  USS Yorktown, DUKW’s, LCVP Higgins Boat, B-24 Liberator, USS Missouri,USS Indianapolis, C-47 Skytrain, M7 Priest, M3 Stuart, F4U Corsair, OA-10 Catalina, PT Boats, USS Balao, M4 Sherman, Willy’s Jeep (also in Korean War), M16 Half Track (also in Korean War)

Korean War: F9 Panther, M26 Pershing

Vietnam War: UH-1 Iroquois, F105 Thunderchief, M48 Patton

Here is a breakout of military vehicles by “type” (as arbitrarily organized by me):

Battleship:  USS Monitor, CSS Virginia, USS Maine, USS Arizona, USS Missouri, USS Indianapolis

Aircraft Carrier:  USS Yorktown

Submarine: USS Balao

Water transport: LCVP Higgins Boat (landing craft), DUKW’s (amphibious trucks), PT Boats (patrol boats)

Fighter Aircraft: B-24 Liberator, F4U Corsair, OA-10 Catalina (“flying boat”), F9 Panther, F105 Thunderchief

Transport Aircraft: C-47 Sky Train, UH-1 Iroquois (helicopter)

Tank: M7 Priest, M3 Stuart, M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, M48 Patton

Jeep: Willy’s Jeep, M16 Half Track

2012 Goodwin Military Machines

2012 Goodwin Military Machines_0001

2012 Goodwin Military Machines_0002



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26 08 2014
Play at the Plate

Looks great. I’m working on that set too. I haven’t even seen some of those yet.

26 08 2014

Yeh, it’s a bit hard to find Goodwin cards.

2 03 2016
Completed master set – 2012 Goodwin Champions | Lifetime Topps project

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