2014 Goodwin Champions – base cards

10 08 2014

I wanted to show some of the base cards in Goodwin, since it doesn’t get the airplay on the blogosphere that Allen & Ginter does.  Honestly, I think the player selection is slightly less interesting than previous years.  But I do really like the design, and there’s a few interesting subjects.  First, you’ve got the two newest members of the Cleveland sports community – on back to back cards in the set.

2014 Goodwin Lebron & Johnny Football

And then there’s the newest celebrity sports couple – Tiger Woods & Linsey Vonn.

2014 Goodwin Tiger Vonn

There are some interesting photos of athletes participating in other hobbies they have.  Roethlisberger and Malone are showing off motorcycles, Larry Bird is golfing, and my favorite is former Bengal Ickey Woods on the electric guitar!

2014 Goodwin hobbies

Of course, there’s always some drama available, and Goodwin has a few cards of today’s baseball pariahs.  McGwire has been on Topps cards the past few years, and Rose has been in past Goodwin sets and has a few of his own exclusive Leaf sets – but I hadn’t seen a Clemens card in quite a while.

2014 Goodwin baseball outcasts

There’s always some good golfers in this set – in addition to the card of Tiger above, you’ve got the best player in today’s game, the best player ever and Gary Player (no slouch himself).

2014 Goodwin golfers

And now that they’ve got Ken Griffey Jr. back in the fold – Upper Deck has all of the main athlete sponsors that you think of from their fledgling years in the 1990s.  Tiger is probably the other main spokesman I can think of.

2014 Goodwin UD spokesman

There are quite a few quarterbacks in the set, too.  Montana and Manning are pretty cool additions.  Dan Marino is in the set, too, but it’s one of the 8 base cards I don’t have yet.  The Namath card is pretty horrible, probably the worst one in the set.

2014 Goodwin QBs

Anyways, that’s a few of the cards in the set – I’ll show a few more in my next post based on cards that were in the original Goodwin set.




2 responses

6 09 2014
Marc Brubaker

Do you happen to have a spare Thiesmann? I’d be interested if you do.

31 10 2014

Hey Marc – sorry, I missed your comment a while back. I don’t have a dupe of Theismann’s regular card, but I do have a mini I’d be willing to trade. Hit me up if you’re interested. Thanks!

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