2014 Goodwin Champions box break #3

8 08 2014

I bought a third box of 2014 Goodwin Champions.  I got my best hit of the 3 boxes I bought in this one.  I was kind of bummed I didn’t get a monster card or one of the options like Origins of Species, etc.  You’ll have to read further down to see what I got!

Here are the minis.  I got way more minis than the odds say: 7 regular minis, 4 green lady luck minis, and 2 of the canvas minis.

2014 Goodwin box 3 minis

Here are the Goudey inserts.  A few of these are doubles from my earlier boxes.  I think that Paul O’Neill card is a golf photo!

2014 Goodwin box 3 Goudey

I got two autographs in this box – though no one of particular note.  The first one was Steven Holcomb, who in 2010 helped the US to its first bob sledding gold medal since 1962.

2014 Goodwin box 3 auto Steven Holcomb

The second autograph was for Hayley Wickenheiser, who is considered the greatest woman’s hockey player of all time.

2014 Goodwin box 3 auto Hayley Wickenheiser

Finally, here’s that big hit I mentioned!  I haven’t pulled one of these in the other years where I’ve purchased boxes of Goodwin Champions.  I pulled a Museum Collection card.  2011 was the first year for Goodwin’s Museum Collection set and it featured historic items from different eras.  In 2012, the them was the Civil War, in 2013 it was the Wild West, and now it’s the first World War.  This is a heck of a pull, I plan on redeeming it.

2014 Goodwin box 3 Museum Collection redemption

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack = 100 cards

71 of the 130 card base set (55% set completion)

5 SP cards (though all were duplicates)

2 Super SP cards

78 of the 180 card full set (43% set completion)

7 Minis Base Parallels

4 Minis Green – “Lady Luck” back

2 Mini Canvas

6 Goudey

2 Autographs

1 Museum Collection Memorabilia

Including all three boxes:

122 / 130 of the base cards (94%)

140 / 180 of the full set (78%)




5 responses

8 08 2014

Great find! What do you actually get with the redemption?

8 08 2014
Play at the Plate

Chuck, love that redemption hit. Good luck on getting something awesome! If that Holcomb auto is tradeable, let me no. I have a growing Olympian auto collection.

23 08 2014

i redeemed my museum collection card out of my first box break. cant wait to see what i get. i also pulled a painting art card out of my third box. guess im pretty lucky with this product. oh!! last year i pulled michael jordan auto redemption out of 4 packs. great product upperdeck!!

26 08 2014

I agree – I’ve always enjoyed the set. Pulling an MJ auto – can’t beat that!

1 09 2014
Redemption back – Goodwin Museum Collection World War I Relic | Lifetime Topps project

[…] month ago, if you remember, I punched in my redemption code for the card I pulled in the 3rd box of Goodwin Champions a month ago.  I was pretty excited to see this one – […]

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