2014 Goodwin Champions box break #2

6 08 2014

2014 Goodwin Champions box

Next up is my second box of Goodwin Champions.  I did better on this box from a hit perspective (see below), though I did horribly from a collation standpoint between these two boxes.  I did get 3 boxes – so hopefully I’ll get closer to a finished set in the next box.

First, here’s two more base cards I thought were interesting.  A couple of players from the great Dodger infield in the 70’s.

2014 Goodwin box 2 Cey Garvey

Here are the minis.  I got a canvas mini of Ben Roethlisberger – interesting that they put him in a picture on a motorcycle after he wrecked in one a few years ago.  I also got 3 of the Lady Luck minis and 2 guys (Dan Brouthers and Cap Anson) who were in the original set.

2014 Goodwin box 2 minis

I also got a printing plate of the Kordell Stewart mini.

2014 Goodwin box 2 Kordell Stewart mini plate

Next up are the Goudey inserts.  I only got 4 of those in this box – but Ken Griffey Jr. is one of them!  2 Mariners.  I didn’t realize it until now – but these are color coded by sport, with baseball obviously being red.

2014 Goodwin box 2 Goudey

Next up, here are the hits.  This is one of the baseball prospect autographs.  These are actually numbered as if they’re part of the set.  Chris Anderson is card number 183.

2014 Goodwin box 2 auto Chris Anderson

I got 3 relics.  Jim Kelly was the first one.  Pretty neat given all the info that’s been out there for his battle with cancer and the pass to Andre Reed.

2014 Goodwin box 2 relic Jim Kelly

Jockey Joel Rosario is the second one.

2014 Goodwin box 2 relic Joel Rosario

And the last one is Lute Olson, former National Champion coach.  This one is numbered out of 50.

2014 Goodwin box 2 patch Lute Olson 50

And here are the SPs that I pulled.  At least I got no doubles here.

2014 Goodwin box 2 SP

And the 2 SSPs.  Also no doubles here.

2014 Goodwin box 2 SSP

All told, after 2 boxes, I’m still 42 cards short of the base set, a ton of doubles.  Hopefully I get much closer in box #3.

Below are the “stats” for the box.  I actually got 4 dupes in this box (not just dupes from the previous box – duplicates within this box itself), which was pretty disappointing. I only got 12 cards I needed after the first box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack = 100 cards

69 of the 130 card base set (53% set completion)

6 SP cards

2 SSP cards

77 of the 180 card full set (43% set completion)

4 duplicates

6 Minis Base Parallels

3 Minis Black – “Lady Luck” back

1 Mini Canvas

1 Mini Printing Plate (K. Stewart)

4 Goudey

1 Autograph (C. Anderson)

3 Memorabilia (L. Olson, J. Kelly, J. Rosario)

Including the first box:

88 / 130 of the base cards (68%)

104 / 180 of the full set (58%)




2 responses

6 08 2014

I love that card of Ron Cey, who was nicknamed The Penguin, because he is wearing a tuxedo, which is also referred to as a Penguin Suit. Brilliant!

6 08 2014

Good call – I never even made that connection!

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