2014 Goodwin Champions box break #1

3 08 2014

2014 Goodwin Champions box

In July when everyone else on the blogs was opening Ginter, I got my standard 3 boxes of Goodwin Champions.  I’ve always liked this product, even though it seems like I’m the only one.  The design is always pretty cool (except for 2012).  I wish there were more cards per pack; there are still only 5 this year.  But the two other things I’ve said I would improve have been addressed this year.

First, Upper Deck went back to including a sports-themed insert.  Second, they got Ken Griffey Jr. – the athlete most associated with the company ever since he was their first card 25 years ago – back into the fold.

Here’s a look at the base card design.  I thought this was pretty funny – these cards were in the same pack, back to back, wrestling to see who I would pull out of the pack first!

2014 Goodwin box 1 Ryan Ventura

Like their competitors do these days, Upper Deck feels the need to have cards in the base set that are more difficult to pull than the rest of the set.  Here are the SP cards I pulled from this box.

2014 Goodwin box 1 SP

And here are the 2 “SSP” cards I got.  Anson was in the original Goodwin set.

2014 Goodwin box 1 SSP

This is Goodwin’s 4th year since Upper Deck lost its baseball license, and just like each of those years, every other pack in the box has a mini.  I got 7 regular minis, 2 “Lady Luck” back minis, and 1 canvas mini which first came out in 2013.  The canvas minis are printed on white stock.  You can also find a red foil versions #’d to 14, blank backs and 1/1 gold presidential minis.

2014 Goodwin box 1 minis

Here’s the insert set I mentioned – Upper Deck used Goudey, which is the other retro product it owns the rights to.  I don’t think these are based on any of the actual Goudey designs from the 1930’s – but I do like the design nonetheless.  And mostly, I’m just glad this is a sports insert.  They didn’t have one last year!

2014 Goodwin box 1 Goudey inserts

There is also a Monsters insert set that is pretty hard to find.  I hope I get one in one of the other boxes.

I didn’t pull anything too crazy to write home about from this box.  I got 3 “hits”, which is what you’re supposed to get.  In fact, I did down right terribly from that aspect.  The first hit was an autograph of skater Shani Davis.  Not exactly the one I was crossing my fingers for.  That said – this is a great design for an autographed card.

2014 Goodwin Auto Shani Davis

I got two relics.  Both were of motocross people I have never heard of.  I guess I learned something – Ashley Fiolek is a deaf motocross racer.  Pretty cool, at least her Wikipedia page was an interesting read.

2014 Goodwin Relic Ashley Fiola

The other relic was of Bob Hannah, who was a motorcyclist from the 1970’s, one of the best of all-time.

2014 Goodwin Relic Bob Hannah

I got no doubles from the base cards, so that’s a good thing. Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 2 cards for relics = 102 cards

76 of the 130 card base set (58% set completion)

6 SP cards

2 Super SP cards

84 of the 180 card full set (47% set completion)

7 Minis

2 Minis “Lady Luck” back

1 Canvas

5 Goudey

1 Auto (S Davis)

2 Materials (Fiolek, Hannah)




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3 08 2014

If you end up with any boxing doubles…

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