2014 Topps Archives #6 – comparing 1969 Deckle Edge

26 07 2014

Archives 1969 Deckle Minis – 40 cards (1:5)

My last comparison for 2014 Topps Archives inserts goes back to in the 1960’s – 1969, to be exact.  This is a re-reboot, if you will.  Topps featured an insert based on the 1969 Topps Deckle Edge 2 years ago in the 2012 Archives product.  I guess they’re running a little short on ideas.  The photo is sepia toned and there is a blue facsimile signature.

Topps made the set a miniature version for the 2014 Archives version.  There are 40 players in the 2014 set, and they are a pretty common pull. 25 current players are featured along with 15  retired players.  Out of those 15 retired players, however, most of them played well after the original set came out.  There are two players in this year’s Archives set who were active back then – Graig Nettles and Mel Stottlemyre.  Nettles had his rookie card as a dual-player spot in the 1969 Topps set, so he was definitely left out of the 33-card Deckle set that year.  But Stottlemyre is a match – he was in the midst of the best stretch of his career. This means I can do my favorite thing, comparing the old to the new!

The card on the right is the older card, the one on the left is the 2014 Archives version.

Mel Stottlemyre

2014 Archives Deckle comparison Stottlemyre



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