2014 Topps Archives #3 – comparing the ’88 All-Stars

16 07 2014

There are two retail-only inserts in Archives this year.  One is the “chase” concept that is a pretty tough pull in retail packs.

Archives Retail Chase – 10 cards (1:40, retail jumbos)

This was around last year in the design of the 1989 All-Star subset.  This year, Topps went with the 1988 All-Star design, which is one of my favorites!  The odds don’t seem quite as long this year – 1:40 jumbo packs is a bit less than the 1:136 regular packs last year.  I couldn’t find any regular packs, so I’m not sure what the exact comparison is to last year.  They are still a difficult pull, though.  The set is 10 cards, 5 less than last year – which also contributes to make it a bit more collectible this year.  This insert set features all new players, so there’s no overlap going on.

Here’s a look at an original:

1988 Topps AS Wade Boggs

And here’s an Archives version:

2014 Archives 88 AS Miguel Cabrera

Looking at these two is indicative of the differences between this year’s version and the originals.  The original cards have head shots only, whereas this year’s Archives versions have more of an upper body shot.  Additionally, there’s a difference in how Topps described the position – Cabrera is a “first baseman” whereas Boggs “plays third base”.




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