2014 Topps Archives #2 – the insert from other Topps products

13 07 2014

Yesterday I posted on Archives inserts paying tribute to old school cards from another (Hockey).  The other thing Topps started last year was copying designs from outside of the Topps flagship brand.  I wasn’t quite as enthused about this idea; I’d like it better to include Bowman cards in Bowman products, etc.  Still, it’s interesting, and this is a pretty cool way to see some Stadium Club cards redone.  Last year Topps did Gallery of Heroes from 1997 Gallery, and Triumvirate from Stadium Club.  This year, there’s a Stadium Club product.

Archives Stadium Club Firebrand – 10 cards (1:24)

This is an insert set from 1997 Stadium Club.  The horizontal cards have the word “Firebrand” die cut across the top of a faux-wood design. The word Stadium club is in an oval below that, with the player picture to the left.  The card back has the bat size and weight along with some batting stats and a photo of the player.  These cards are really cool – they’ve made me re-think the stance last year of not liking this idea!

This 10-card set has 8 retired players and the two best-hitting rookies from last year (Myers, Puig).  There were 12 cards in the Stadium Club original. No players are in both sets – though Juan Gonzalez, Ken Griffey and Mark McGwire are found elsewhere in the 2014 Archives product.  There are quite a few retired guys in this year’s set who COULD have been featured back in 1997!

Ivan Rodriguez was still known overwhelmingly for his defense back in 1997 – which is why he probably wasn’t featured on this set.  He certainly could have been an option, and he’s on the right team and seems to be the right era here.

2014 Archives Firebrand Ivan Rodriguez

Rondell White is also shown with the team he was on back then.  It’s good to see an Expos cap in this Topps product!

2014 Archives Firebrand Rondell White

Jose Canseco was back for his 2nd stint with the A’s in 1997 after a few years with Texas and Boston.  He probably would have been featured with his 1996 team (the Red Sox) for this set – but you never know!  I’m pretty sure this is a picture from his earlier days with Oakland, though.

2014 Archives box 2 SC Firebrand Canseco

Eric Davis was the opposite.  He came back to the Reds for an impressive 1996 campaign but moved to Baltimore the next season.  Again, this would have been an option for Topps, though I think this is from his 1980’s Cincinnati days.

2014 Archives Firebrand Eric Davis

Carlos Baerga (Cleveland) and Ron Gant (Atlanta) played in the era where they could have had a card in this set – however they aren’t shown with the right team in the Archives set.  Gant had moved on to the Braves after his 1994 injury season, and Baerga was traded to the Mets halfway through 1996.



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