2014 Topps Archives #1 – the insert from another sport

11 07 2014

Topps started a new idea with Archives last year, including inserts with old designs from the 1965 Football and 1972 Basketball sets.  They put current and retired players on the designs, though for me the best ones of players that “might have been”.  Bryce Harper is great and all – but it’s much cooler to me if they feature Denny McLain on a 1965 Football design.

Archives 1971 Hockey – 20 cards (1:24)

Topps went with one set this year that’s borrowed from another sport.  They did football and basketball last year, so of course hockey is the way to go this year.  The 1971-72 Hockey set, in particular.  This set was standard size – so Topps didn’t have to get creative with the design in the Archives version.  The set has 132 cards and was the first Topps Hockey set with statistics on the back.

The 71-72 Hockey set doesn’t have a real notable rookie – it’s notable for having a universally loved design.  The card fronts have a player picture on top of a solid-colored background inside a circular white frame. The team name appears in a block letter font with a curved effect at the top. The team logo, player name and position is at the bottom of the card. The card backs are vertically oriented, with the player’s name, team city and position in a green area at the top.  Two boxes appear below that, with stats on the left and a cartoon to the right. A biography and statistics follows at the bottom.

Gordie Howe is probably the most notable card from the set.  It was his second to last Topps card (his last came 8 years later).

1971-72 Topps Gordie Howe

Topps made the Archives version of this set a one-per-box insert of 20 cards.  This set also has current and retired players.

There are 3 guys who fall in the bucket of “what might have been” or “cards that never were” categories.  I have one of them so far, Roberto Clemente.

2014 Archives box 2 71 Hockey Clemente

The others are:

Willie Stargell, Clemente’s teammate

2014 Archives Hockey Stargell

Tom Seaver

2014 Archives Hockey Seaver

Graig Nettles also has a card, but it shows him with the Yankees, while he was still with Cleveland when this card would have been released.



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