2014 Topps Archives – cards #151-200 (1989 design)

6 07 2014

The last design from the Topps quartet of cards in 2014 Archives is a mere 3 years later – the 1989 Topps set.

The set design features a player photo surrounded by a thin colored frame rounded at the upper left and lower right with a white border.  The player name appears in a curved banner at the bottom right beneath the team name, with the Topps logo in the lower somewhere against the background.  No position is shown on the face of the card.  The back has red cardstock with the card number in the upper left corner next to the player name and position.

There are 5 players in the 1990 design who were in MLB in 1989 in this portion of the set.  Four have the correct team – so let’s take a look!  The card on the left is the Archives card – the one on the right is the original.

2014 Archives 89 Topps Don Mattingly1989 Topps Don MattinglyDon Mattingly

The first card is of the current Dodger manager.  Mattingly is featured with the Yankees, which is how it seems it should be.  It still feels weird seeing him with the Dodgers.  Now this isn’t the greatest photo of Mattingly.  His hat seems really crooked.  Almost like it’s photoshopped – but it can’t be, as there’s no need since his entire playing career was with the Bronx Bombers.

It’s hard to tell if this is from the correct year or time period for Mattingly’s career.  Looking through his older cards, Mattingly didn’t look all that different as a rookie in 1983 or a wily veteran a decade later.  Sometimes he cut his hair shorter, sometimes he shaved his mustache – but he would seemingly change it midseason based on the cards I’m looking at.  I’ll give Topps a good job on this one, but I like his original better overall.

2014 Archives 89 Topps Randy Johnson1989 Topps Randy JohnsonRandy Johnson

Johnson had the right team – depending on your perspective.  His Topps rookie card came in their base set in 1989, but it featured his early stint with the Expos.  The Big Unit was traded that year to the Mariners, and earned a spot in the Topps Traded set that year.

This is clearly from a few years later in his Mariners career.  But at least it’s comparing the same team.  The Archives card really works in my opinion – I like it better than the original in this case!

1989 Topps Andy Van Slyke2014 Archives 89 Topps Andy Van SlykeAndy Van Slyke

Van Slyke is one of those surprising additions to this set.  But a welcome addition at that.  Van Slyke is a “semi-star” to use a Beckett term, though he was the “Great White Hope” in Barry Bonds terms.

I wouldn’t know if this was close to the right era just based on Van Slyke’s appearance.  Like Mattingly – he doesn’t look all that different in his earlier or later Pirate years.  But there’s a dead giveaway on the Archives card – the picture is 6 years late, taken in 1994 as opposed to the 1988 timeframe that the 89 card would have been.  The giveaway?  That’s the 1994 Three Rivers All-Star game logo on his sleeve.

I’m not sure why Topps chose to make the “A” and “N” smaller in the first word of his last name.  Doesn’t really make sense – it’s not like the “c” in McGwire or anything.

2014 Archives 89 Topps Darren Daulton1989 Topps Darren DaultonDarren Daulton

I just don’t remember Daulton’s 1989 Topps card.  I do remember his ’86, ’87, and ’88 cards – but 1989 is a blank slate to me.  I like the card.  Quite a bit actually.  It’s a good shot, good color, and I like the net in the background.  The Archives card isn’t bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original in this case.  I have no idea if this is the right time frame or not.  I think it’s a little later than 1988/89 based on his longer hair in the Archives card.  But I’m really not sure.

The last card to show is Paul O’Neill.  Of course, Topps always tries to put this 1990 Red in uniform with the Yankees.  But his true 1989 Topps card is with the Redlegs.  I feel like I’ve seen this picture somewhere else before.

2014 Archives 89 Topps Paul O'Neill



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