2014 Topps Archives – cards #51-100 (1980 design)

30 06 2014

Moving forward a few years from 1973, the next year for Archives is 1980 Topps.  This was the first Topps set I featured on my blog – because it’s the Topps set from the year I was born!  As I’ve said before, the regular cards from the Topps Archives set is broken up into 4 different designs in 50 card allotments based on earlier Topps sets.  The second “allotment”, cards #51-100, is from this classic Topps set.  Topps is repeating itself here – this was a design they used in the 2012 installment of Archives.

The card front features a white border, a small flag featuring the player’s un-abbreviated position in the top left corner, player name across the top, another flag with the team name on the bottom right, and a facsimile autograph somewhere on top of the player picture. The blue card back features season stats and career totals and a highlighted moment from the player’s career along with a comic-type depiction of the moment.

Topps had 7 cards from the set.  4 of them have the correct team, while 3 of them are incorrect.

George Brett

2014 Archives 80 Topps George BrettBrett was featured in the 2012 set on this design, so I had this post just about 2 years ago.

Just like the old one, Topps got the team right – though considering that George Brett played his whole career, it would be hard not to. The year is off again – this looks like it’s from the late 80’s or even early 90’s based on the Royals’ uniform.  And Brett’s hair is cropped a little closer like it’s later in his career.  Still, this is a pretty nice card, and not one I’ll complain about.

2014 Archives 80 Topps Robin Yount1980 Topps Robin YountRobin Yount

Yount is the player I most associate with Brett.  They have a rookie card from the same year, they retired the same year, they both got 3,000 hits the same season and were in the same Hall of Fame induction class.  And both played their entire career for one team.

Like Brett’s Archives photo – this isn’t the correct timeframe.  Unlike Brett – this is from a much earlier time period.   Probably Yount’s rookie year or 2nd year – 1975 or so.  The autograph is much different, too on this card.  The Archives version is in line with his signature today.

2014 Archives 80 Topps Joe Morgan1980 Topps Joe MorganJoe Morgan

Morgan has the right team as well, though it’s worth noting that this was a change-over year for the Reds’ Hall of Famer.  Morgan left for the Astros before the 1980 season.

There’s actually an Astros Burger King set made by Topps in the 1980 design.  Most of the cards are the same picture as the Topps set, but Morgan and Nolan Ryan had to have updated photos to show them with the Astros after the offseason move.

1980 Topps Dusty Baker2014 Archives 80 Dusty BakerDusty Baker

Baker isn’t a Hall of Fame player like the other 3 guys, but who knows – he may get in on his managerial merits some day.  He’s one of the better managers in recent years, underrated in my opinion.  He’s shown here with the Dodgers – and I think it’s got to be around the right year looking at his other Topps cards.

Baker’s card is an SP – I had to grab a photo off eBay to compare these two.  One interesting thing I noticed – they just list the actual position in 1980, but Topps calls Baker “an outfielder”.  His autograph has changed a bit over the years as well.

There were 3 other cards of players who have 1980 Topps cards, but Topps has the team wrong.  Ozzie Smith was still with the Padres in 1980.  Interestingly, Topps did the same thing with Smith two years ago.

2014 Archives 80 Topps Ozzie Smith

Tony Perez was next – he was with the Red Sox by 1980, after a couple of years with the Expos.  His 1980 Topps card is with the Expos.  Of course, he’s known best for his time with the Reds, much like Ozzie is known for his years with St. Louis.

2014 Archives 80 Topps Tony Perez

Reggie Jackson is the final card – like Baker, he’s in the SP section.  Reggie is shown with the A’s, but his 1980 Topps card is with the Yankees.

2014 Archives 80 Topps Reggie Jackson




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2 07 2014
NPB Card Guy

Jackson’s 1980 card was with the Yankees, not the Angels

2 07 2014

good call

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