Completed insert set – 2012 Topps Gold Standard

14 06 2014

I recently completed an insert set from 2012 Topps series 1 & 2 – Gold Standard.  This is one of the better ones from 2012 in my mind.

Info about the set:

Set description: “Recognizing players who have gained entry into some of the most exclusive clubs in baseball, like the 3,000-Hit club, the 500-Home Run club and the 3,000-K club.”  This set is horizontally oriented, with a marble background, a top/bottom border and the player’s picture to the right.  There’s a gold foil “badge” in the middle that lists the specific accomplishment the card honors.

The back lists the date that the player reached the accomplishment.  The cards are made to create a relic (by replacing the circular “badge”) or autograph version.

Set composition: 50 cards, 1:6 hobby odds (2012 Topps series 1 & 2)

Hall of Famers: 21 – Nolan Ryan (3 cards), Stan Musial (2), Paul Molitor (2), Cal Ripken Jr. (2), Bob Gibson (2), Mike Schmidt (2), Frank Robinson (2), Ernie Banks (2), Willie McCovey (2), Tom Seaver (3), Reggie Jackson (2), Al Kaline (2), Frank Thomas, Ty Cobb (2), Joe DiMaggio (2), Andre Dawson (2), Mickey Mantle (2), Willie Mays (2), Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, John Smoltz (2)

The set is skewed toward retired players given its nature.  Jeter, A-Rod, Thome, and Chipper are the only players who aren’t in the HOF.

How I put the set together:

  • 20 cards from my series 1 & 2 HTA Jumbo boxes
  • 2 from other hobby/HTA packs
  • 3 from retail packs
  • 23 cards from trades
  • 1 from a card show
  • 1 from Sportlots

Thoughts on the set:  This is one of the better insert sets in 2012 Topps.  I like the design, it’s more attractive than some of the other insert sets with the gold theme from 2012.  And I like that it has a specific basis – guys who have made a certain statistical club.  The fact that the card lists the date of the milestone and discusses it is great.  The set doesn’t really need to be 50 cards (with 2 cards for almost every player included) – Topps could have eliminated some of the lesser milestones.  They started doing things like “25-win season” in series 2.  They could have split it up in order, too – put all the strikeout guys together, etc.  At least it’s numbered and not lettered unlike some of the other insert sets they’ve done recently.  All in all – a good set.

Card that completed my set: #GS-50 – Ty Cobb

I got this card from Sportlots in a May purchase

Highest book value: #GS-24, GS-47 – Mickey Mantle

Best card (my opinion): #GS-1 – Nolan Ryan

The first card in the set honors his 5,000th strikeout.  I love the introduction on the back of the card.  “There was a future U.S. President in the stands, a future Hall of Famer at the plate, and, of course, a future Hall of Famer on the mound.”  Ryan struck out Rickey Henderson in Arlington in front of George W. Bush.  The Hank Aaron card is pretty awesome as well.

My Favorite Reds card: GS-11 – Tom Seaver (the only one)

An interesting thing I noticed – if you know the back story on Ty Cobb’s hit record, you know that later research basically concluded that a game in 1910 where Cobb had two hits was double counted.  That would have changed the timing of his 3,000th hit to 2 hits later.  More importantly it actually made the difference in the batting title that year (though runner-up Nap Lajoie had his own side of the controversy).  but MLB hasn’t officially acknowledged the error.

Here’s the list of the cards, the milestone, and the date it happened.  One thing that’s really cool about this set – they have the right team for each player.  For example, Tom Seaver is shown with the Reds for his 3,000th strikeout, the White Sox for his 300th win.  I appreciate that – it makes the set even better in my eyes.

2012 Topps Gold Standard

2012 Topps Gold Standard_0001

2012 Topps Gold Standard_0002

2012 Topps Gold Standard_0003

2012 Topps Gold Standard_0004

2012 Topps Gold Standard_0005

  1. Nolan Ryan, Rangers.  5,000th strikeout – August 29, 1989 in Arlington, TX.
  2. Stan Musial, Cardinals.  3,000th hit – May 13, 1958 in Chicago, IL.
  3. Paul Molitor, Twins.  3,000th hit – September 16, 1996 in Kansas City, MO.
  4. Cal Ripken, Jr., Orioles.  3,000th hit – April 15, 2000 in Minneapolis, MN.
  5. Bob Gibson, Cardinals.  3,000th strikeout – July 17, 1974 in St. Louis, MO.
  6. Mike Schmidt, Phillies.  500th home run – April 18, 1987 in Pittsburgh, PA.
  7. Frank Robinson, Orioles.  500th home run – September 13, 1971 in Baltimore, MD.
  8. Ernie Banks, Cubs.  500th home run – May 12, 1970 in Chicago, IL.
  9. Willie McCovey, Giants.  500th home run – June 30, 1978 in Atlanta, GA.
  10. Reggie Jackson, Angels.  500th home run – September 17, 1984 in Anaheim, CA.
  11. Tom Seaver, Reds.  3,000th strikeout – April 19, 1981 in Cincinnati, OH.
  12. Al Kaline, Tigers.  3,000th hit – September 24, 1974 in Baltimore, MD.
  13. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees.  600th home run – August 4, 2010 in New York, NY.
  14. Frank Thomas, Blue Jays.  500th home run – June 28, 2007 in Minneapolis, MN.
  15. Ty Cobb, Tigers.  3,000th hit – August 19, 1921 in Detroit, MI.
  16. John Smoltz, Braves.  3,000th strikeout – April 22, 2008 in Atlanta, GA.
  17. Jim Thome, Twins.  600th home run – August 15, 2011 in Detroit, MI.
  18. Joe DiMaggio, Yankees.  1,500th RBI – July 29, 1951 in New York, NY.
  19. Andre Dawson, Red Sox.  1,500th RBI – April 12, 1994 in Kansas City, MO.
  20. Derek Jeter, Yankees.  3,000th hit – July 9, 2011 in New York, NY.
  21. Chipper Jones, Braves.  1,500 RBI – April 13, 2001 in Atlanta, GA.
  22. Nolan Ryan, Rangers.  300th win – July 31, 1990 in Milwaukee, WI.
  23. Tom Seaver, White Sox.  300th win – August 4, 1985 in New York, NY.
  24. Mickey Mantle, Yankees.  500th home run – May 14, 1967 in New York, NY.
  25. Willie Mays, Giants.  600th home run – September 22, 1969 in San Diego, CA.
  26. Andre Dawson, Red Sox.  400th home run – April 15, 1993 in Boston, MA.
  27. Jim Thome, White Sox.  1,500th RBI – May 1, 2009 in Arlington, TX.
  28. Stan Musial, Cardinals.  400th home run – May 7, 1959 in St. Louis, MO.
  29. Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles.  400th home run – September 2, 1999 in Baltimore, MD.
  30. Willie Mays, Giants.  3,000th hit – July 18, 1970 in San Francisco, CA.
  31. Hank Aaron, Braves.  700th home run – July 21, 1973 in Atlanta, GA.
  32. Ernie Banks, Cubs.  1,500th RBI – September 12, 1969 in St. Louis, MO.
  33. Bob Gibson, Cardinals.  1.12 ERA – 1968 season.
  34. Reggie Jackson, Angels.  1,500th RBI – September 3, 1984 in Cleveland, OH.
  35. Chipper Jones, Braves.  400th home run – June 5, 2008 in Atlanta, GA.
  36. Al Kaline, Tigers.  1,500th RBI – July 29, 1973 in Baltimore, MD.
  37. Willie McCovey, Giants.  1,500th RBI – June 2, 1979 in Chicago, IL.
  38. Paul Molitor, Blue Jays.  1,500th run – June 13, 1995 in Toronto, ONT.
  39. Frank Robinson, Orioles.  1,500th RBI – June 25, 1971 in Boston, MA.
  40. Nolan Ryan, Rangers.  5,714th strikeout – September 17, 1993 in Anaheim, CA.
  41. Mike Schmidt, Phillies.  1,500th RBI – September 26, 1987 in Philadelphia, PA.
  42. John Smoltz, Braves.  55 save season – September 28, 2002 in New York, NY.
  43. Tom Seaver, Mets.  25 win season – September 27, 1969 in Philadelphia, PA.
  44. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees.  1,500th RBI – September 28, 2007 in Baltimore, MD.
  45. Derek Jeter, Yankees.  1,500th run – June 2, 2009 in New York, NY.
  46. Joe DiMaggio, Yankees.  56 game hitting streak – July 16, 1941 in Cleveland, OH.
  47. Mickey Mantle, Yankees.  1,500th RBI – August 27, 1968 in New York, NY.
  48. Lou Gehrig, Yankees.  400th home run – July 10, 1936 in New York, NY.
  49. Roberto Clemente, Pirates.  3,000th hit – September 30, 1972 in Pittsburgh, PA.
  50. Ty Cobb, Tigers.  1,500th RBI – May 29, 1993 in Detroit, MI.



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31 12 2014

The milestone letters/numbers need to be colored in. Like here:

31 12 2014

Gotta agree with you

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