Good things come to those who wait

20 05 2014

Though the title could suggest it (in a somewhat pretentious way) – this isn’t a post saying “I’m back”.  I hope to be back posting regularly in a few weeks or so.

But I had an interesting thing show up in my mailbox tonight when I got home, and I thought it was worth a post.  Those of you who don’t know basketball cards – or those of you who do know basketball cards but get confused because all of the Panini card sets seem to run together – may recognize that this is from a 2012-2013 card set.

2012-13 Jalen Rose Historic auto

I bought this redemption on eBay in very early 2013.  I thought it was earlier than that, but I looked it up.  I’ve redeemed 3 Jalen Rose cards from Panini, and they’ve all been quite a while in getting redeemed.  I think two of the 3 have been over a year, and I opened up a “Query” on the website for all 3 back in 2013.  I’m confused, too – because this is a sticker autograph, and Jalen has had plenty of autographed cards come out in the past few years, so it seems that Panini could have stuck one onto this guy earlier than 1.5 years after the product release.  Regardless – I guess it’s good to receive it eventually!

Plus – this is a really nice card.




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