Completed insert set – 2011 Topps Heritage New Age Performers

10 04 2014

This is my 4th insert set completed from 2011 Topps Heritage.  I’ve knocked off both Flashbacks sets, Then & Now, and now New Age Performers.  I’ve still got 3 cards to finish off the Jackie Robinson special set – then my 2011 Heritage “Master set” will be complete.  Getting very close!

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Info about the set

Set description:  “15 players whose performances have surpassed the giants of the past”.  The front shows a current Major League star with a wood grain border.  The word New Age is at the Top, with Performers at the bottom below the player name and team in yellow background. The back is designed similarly to the 1962 Topps set as far as color scheme and font.  There is a cartoon on the right and statistics from 2010 to the left.  The write-up compares the “New Age” player to someone who was a star 50 years ago (i.e., Roy Halladay is compared to Don Drysdale).

Set composition:  15 cards, 1:15 odds (2011 Topps Heritage)

Hall of Famers:  None – as they’re all active players.

How I put the set together:

  • 2 cards from my hobby box
  • 1 card from a blaster
  • 1 card from a retail blister pack
  • 1 card from a card show
  • 5 cards from trades
  • 2 cards from Check Out My Cards
  • 3 cards from Sportlots

Card that completed my set: #NAP-8 – CC Sabathia

2011 Topps Heritage New Age Sabathia

I got the last card as part of a recent Sportlots purchase in March.

Thoughts on the set:  I love the 1962 design – and Topps did a good job making this a little different from the base set but still tied to the wood-grain borders of that set.

Best card (my opinion): #NAP-7 – Joey Votto

Best Reds card (my opinion): #NAP-JV – Joey Votto

2011 Topps Heritage New Age Votto

The only Reds card is Votto, but it’s a good one, and I think the best of the set.  I really like the picture – it goes well with the design.  Votto was coming off an MVP campaign, and he’s compared to another former Reds MVP – Frank Robinson.


2011 Heritage New Age Performers2011 Heritage New Age Performers_0001



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