Trade with JB

1 04 2014

I completed a trade with someone I daresay is a blogging legend the other day.  JB Anama runs the blog bdj610’s Topps baseball card blog.  He also runs the sports card blogroll – which I’d imagine is the second most visited site in my internet history these days behind ESPN.  So – thanks for the blogroll, JB – and thanks for the trade!

This one started by a bit of a goof on my part.  I saw JB’s wantlist contained a Ty Cobb card from 2010 Topps blue backs (retail-only cards designed like the 1951 Topps set).  I had recently bought a Cobb card from that set on Sportlots – only to realize I already had it!  So I figured, hey, let’s strike up a trade.  I didn’t do my homework, however.  There are 2 Cobb cards in this set – and I had the one JB already had.  As behind as I am these days – I already had the cards from JB before I realized this mistake!  Luckily, I had an SP legend variation from 2011 of Carl Yastrzemski that was also on JB’s needs list, so I was able to send that out instead.

JB sent me cards that fall into three categories.  First – he finished off the last card of 2013 Topps Update for me.  I think I actually got this Profar card in my HTA box – but it was creased so I still needed one.

trade BDJ - 2013 topps update

Second, JB sent me a bunch of 2013 inserts.  Below are the top 5 of the 10-12 cards he sent.

trade BDJ - 2013 topps inserts

Finally, I got some 2014 Topps series 1 inserts.  I’m pretty sure these are my first cards received via trade for 2014 Topps – so making a dent here really helps!  These are the best 9 out of the ~15+ cards he sent.  I love that Jim Abbott has a card – though I wish it was him in a Michigan uniform!  Also, the two 89 minis I got are a) a player from my favorite team (and the best catcher ever), and b) my favorite non-Red ever.

trade BDJ - 2014 topps inserts


Thanks again for the trade, JB!



3 responses

1 04 2014

“I love that Jim Abbott has a card – though I wish it was him in a Michigan uniform!” That statement is Michigan Man-approved! They should make an ’89 die-cut version of his RC.

2 04 2014

Yeah, that would be phenomenal!

I went to the Elite Eight game on Sunday. Tough that Michigan lost – but it was a great game. They had a great season considering they lost Burke, McGary, Hardaway.

2 04 2014
James B. Anama

I’m glad that the cards got to you safely. Thanks for the kind words.


JayBee Anama

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