2013 Goodwin Champions box break #2

26 03 2014

Next up is my second box of 2013 Goodwin Champions.  I did better on this box from a hit perspective, but I’m still not all that close to finishing even just the regular base set.

Here are the minis.  I got 2 baseball mini exclusives – those are a subset of minor league players which goes toward completing the regular set – combined with the first box, that’s 3 down, 10 or so to go!  I got 5 more regular minis, including one of the Hulkster!  I’ll be keeping that one.  I got 2 Green Lady Luck cards and a canvas mini of Clyde Drexler.

2013 Goodwin Champions box 2 minis

Here are the insert cards, which again were 5 cards of “Wonders of the Universe”.  I was really hoping to get one of the 3-D cards, but wasn’t so lucky – those have much harder odds.

2013 Goodwin Champions box 2 Wonders of the Universe

Next up, here’s the hits.  First, the Memorabilia cards.  I got some interesting ones here.  Tony Hawk and Tony Dorsett.  These cards are super thick, though I again am kind of questioning the Dorsett card – that doesn’t look like material from his days on the gridiron.

2013 Goodwin Champions box 2 Tony Hawk relic

2013 Goodwin Champions box 2 Dorsett relic

The last hit made this a pretty good box – Hall-of-Famer, 3,000 hit club, and an 8-time batting champion – in a basketball uniform?  Pretty cool if you ask me!

2013 Goodwin Champions box 2 Tony Gwynn auto

All told, after 2 boxes, I’m still 34 cards short of the base set, with quite a few doubles.  I did get 8 needed SP/SSP cards, so that’s good.  Hopefully I get much closer in box #3.

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack – 5 for memorabilia cards = 95 cards

69 of the 150 card base set (46% set completion)

6 SP cards

2 Super SP cards

2 mini exclusives

79 of the 223 card full set (35% set completion)

5 Minis Base Parallels

2 Minis Green – “Lady Luck” back

1 Mini Canvas

5 Wonders of the Universe

1 Autograph (T. Gwynn)

2 Memorabilia (Hawk, Dorsett)

Including the first box:

116 / 150 of the base cards (77%)

135 / 223 of the full set (61%)




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