“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2014

19 03 2014


2014 Topps retiring Rivera Helton

Best Player to retire in 2013.   Mariano Rivera.

Did he have a 2014 card?   Yes, 2013 Topps and some others so far

This is my last and most recent post on this topic.  The list of retired players can’t even be considered final yet.  But Rivera would be the best player to retire, with one possible exception.  He’s been given a few final cards – so far he’s made the Topps set and the Turkey Red set.

Apologies to:   I can’t decide between Roy Halladay and Todd Helton, both of whom officially announced their retirements at the end of 2013.  Topps gave Helton a last card in series 1 this year, but didn’t do so for Halladay. Halladay is in 2014 Turkey Red.  

That major exception?  If this guy’s last game was played at the end of 2013, I’d have to bump him ahead of Rivera no matter how much he’s despised.

2014 Topps series 1 A Rod



4 responses

19 03 2014

No exceptions considered here. Rivera is #1. 🙂

As for the runner-up, I would give the nod to Roy Halladay. Both Halladay and Helton are borderline Hall of Fame cases. It will be interesting to see how the BBWAA treats them.

19 03 2014

BTW, I have absolutely loved this series.

19 03 2014

Obviously I am a little biased, but I would take Helton at his peak over Rivera at his peak. I am an old school thinker though because I still think that it’s weird to consider Rivera one of the best of all time when he has only pitched 1200 innings or 6 years for a starter.

20 03 2014

It is hard to compare an every day first baseman to a closer. But I guess that’s what I’m doing with this post :). I would agree with you overall – but Rivera is so overwhelmingly the best in history that it’s clearly Rivera – at least to me. I’m also kind of combining hobby impact, too. He gets an advantage by being in NY.

I do think Helton should be a Hall of Famer, though. Hopefully he gets in when the time comes. I’d probably put him ahead of Halladay from that aspect.

Also – Rivera never backed up Peyton Manning!

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