“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2013

19 03 2014


2013 Topps Update Chipper Jones

Best Player to retire in 2012.   Chipper Jones.

Did he have a 2013 card?   Yes, 2013 Topps Update (sort of), among some other Panini offerings

Chipper announced his retirement before the 2012 season and followed through on it – yet his 2013 Topps card comes from Update?  This comes in a bit of a different situation.  Chipper didn’t get a regular Topps card in series 1 or 2, but in the Update set Topps included some retired players as SP variations.  One of them was Chipper, and it shows him in the All-Star game from 2000.  So it’s with a little bit of an asterisk.

Jones also has a card in Panini’s Select and Prizm brands.

Apologies to:   Jim Thome, who didn’t have any 2013 base cards, though he was included in the Chasing history set from Topps that year. 



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