“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2011

17 03 2014


2011 Topps Trevor Hoffman

Best Player to retire in 2010.   Ken Griffey Jr.

Did he have a 2011 card?   Yes, 2011 Obak.

2011 Obak Griffey

After returning to Seattle, Griffey had a decent 2009 season and helped the Mariners to their first winning record in a while.  He probably should have called it a career there, as he was ineffective in 2010 and retired mid-way through the season without a home run – which would have made him one of 5 players with a homer in 4 different decades (Williams, McCovey, Henderson, Vizquel).

Junior didn’t have too many cards in 2011 – he started making the Topps retired player circuit the next year.  He did have a card from 2011 Obak that showed his lifetime batting average and career hit total.

Apologies to:   Jim Edmonds.  Edmonds also didn’t have any 2011 Topps cards – in fact, he didn’t have any 2011 cards with his whole career line.  

Trevor Hoffman also called it a career after spending 2010 with the Brewers.  He did get a card in the 2011 Topps set with his full career stat line on the back.  He also had a card in Topps Heritage.



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