“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2007

13 03 2014


2007 Topps Ryan Howard

Best Player to retire in 2006.   Bernie Williams.

Did he have a 2007 card?   Yes, 2007 Upper Deck and Topps Heritage

2007 UD Bernie Williams

Williams had been a backup outfielder in 2006 for the Yankees, but he wanted to play one more season.  The Yankees offered him a Spring Training invite, but not a guaranteed contract.  He declined and retired at that point.  He got a couple of 2007 cards that show his full stat line.

Apologies to:   Tim Salmon.  Two guys who only played for one franchise – pretty rare in this era.  Also, not the greatest retiring class considering the one that’s coming up next.  Salmon played one last year with the Angels after sitting out the 2005 season due to injury.  He was one of my favorite non-Red players back in the 90’s.  I always think of him with Mike Piazza because they both came along somewhat surprisingly to win the 1993 Rookie of the Year awards.  Salmon didn’t have a single 2007 card.




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