“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2006

12 03 2014


2006 Topps Jeff Bagwell

Best Player to retire in 2005.   Jeff Bagwell.

Did he have a 2006 card?   Yes, quite a few including the Topps card shown above

Bagwell had an injured shoulder for a large part of the Astros 2005 march to the National League pennant.  He did come off the DL at the end of the year, but couldn’t throw and thus was only available as a pinch hitter (and a DH in the World Series).  In a strange situation caused by an insurance policy on his contract, Bagwell played a little bit in Spring Training – but never played during the season.  He retired later that year, with his last appearance being the 2 games as DH in the White Sox sweep of the Astros.  Because of this, it’s not surprising he has a few cards in 2006 sets.

Apologies to:   Larry Walker.  These are two guys I really feel deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.  They each have an MVP award and were two of the best players in the National League for a long time.  Walker has a 2006 Topps card and an Upper Deck First Edition card.

Rafael Palmeiro and Kevin Brown also retired in 2005.  I’m not holding steroids against Palmeiro – I think both Bagwell and Walker were the better players, at least if you combine with hobby impact.




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