“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2003

10 03 2014


2003 Topps Dave Justice

Best Player to retire in 2002.   Tim Raines

Did he have a 2003 card?   Yes, 2003 Donruss

2003 Donruss Tim Raines

After being diagnosed with lupus while playing with Oakland in 1999, Raines missed the rest of that season and all of 2000.  He came back with his old team, the Expos in 2001.  He as hurt for part of the season and actually played against his son, Tim Raines Jr., in a rehab assignment.  Junior was in the Orioles farm system – this was the first time a father and son had played against each other in professional baseball.  

After a fairly impressive season as a 41-year old backup outfielder (.413 OBP in 101 at bats), Raines was traded to Baltimore at the end of the season.  On October 3rd he came in as a pinch hitter (his son was the leadoff batter) and the two became the second father-son tandem to play in the same Major League game.  On October 4th and 5th, the two were on the field at the same time – Raines started the games in left, his son in center.  Rock hit 7th, just in front of Cal Ripken Jr., who played his last game a few days later.

Raines had finished up his career in 2002 with the Marlins.  Hopefully he gets his due in Cooperstown at some point.  Surprisingly, he had only one base card in 2003.  He did have a record breaker insert in Topps, but no Topps base card.  

Apologies to:   David Justice, who finished his career up with the A’s (as chronicled in Moneyball the movie and the book).  Topps gave him a 2003 card to commemorate that stint.




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