“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2002

8 03 2014


2002 Topps Mark McGwire

Best Player to retire in 2001.   Cal Ripken Jr. (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 2002 card?   Yes, a bunch, but not 2002 Topps.

2002 Ultra Ripken

This is quite the year of retired stars, and Ripken is the best of the bunch.  He didn’t have a Topps card, though for whatever reason.

Apologies to:   Mark McGwire.  Ripken is credited with bringing fans back from the strike, and McGwire’s chase of Roger Maris is credited with really bringing the game back.  Unfortunately it came, to a certain extent, at the expense of the game’s integrity.  McGwire did have a 2002 Topps card, as shown above, among many others.

I said it was an impressive retired class – who else was in it?  Tony Gwynn is particularly notable, but Jose Canseco, Bret Saberhagen, Paul O’Neill, Eric Davis and Harold Baines all called it a career (well, Canseco was done in MLB I guess) after the 2001 season.




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