“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 2001

7 03 2014


2001 Topps Will Clark

Best Player to retire in 2000.   Will Clark.

Did he have a 2001 card?   Yes, a bunch, including 2001 Topps.

Clark finished up his impressive career in 2000 helping the St. Louis Cardinals down the playoff stretch.  He had a bunch of 2000 cards, including the Topps card shown above.

Apologies to:   Dwight Gooden, who had a few cards from Pacific with his final statline, but no others.  

This was a pretty good retiring class considering there were no Hall of Famers.  Albert Belle (due to injury) and Orel Hershiser also called it a wrap.  Belle was in a plethora of sets, but Hershiser wasn’t in any outside of some reprints of his older cards.




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