More Turkey Reds

4 03 2014

I got the chance to open up the other 5 Turkey Red packs I ordered from Topps, and here’s the highlights from that purchase.  I mentioned it earlier, but I don’t like the base cards nearly as much as some of the other Turkey Red designs.  When they’ve done these retro sets a few times, they can’t do the same design as the set it’s paying homage to.  I thought last year’s was a really cool take on Turkey Red.  This year’s design doesn’t seem all that great – in fact, it seems kind of lazy.  But, I still kind of like the product and the way they do the photos.  Here’s a few of the more notable base cards I pulled.  Rivera is going to have quite a few last cards it seems, which is fine by me.  This could be one of Cano’s last Yankee cards, though he’s already complaining about management in Seattle.

2014 Turkey Red base cards

I thought that Harper looked very familiar…

2013 Turkey Red first pack

I hate when they do that.  Here’s a few more from this year’s set.  The Canon advertisement on Swisher’s card is interesting after Night Owl recently pointed out about the noticeable lack of advertising in the Topps flagship set.

2014 Turkey Red base cards_0001

I got 6 different autographs, so that’s a pretty good thing.  Yan Gomes and Chris Owings are up first.  These guys don’t have regular cards – just the auto version.

2014 Turkey Red autos

Next up are two guys I’d never heard of.

2014 Turkey Red autos_0001

And last but not least is the best pull of this purchase – an auto of Cubs rookie Junior Lake.  This one is only #’d out of 49, whereas the others were mostly 499 or 599.

2014 Turkey Red autos_0002



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